Screenshots of Elgg sites

Proud of your Elgg site? We're looking for great looking Elgg sites to use in various places around our site! If you have a great looking, live Elgg site and would like to submit it for consideration to be used in our documentation and other sites, link to it in this thread or provide of link to a screenshot of it. Thanks!

  • Here is my Sceen shot. www. This is live site and working great, I am on 1.7.8 . Thanks to Team Elgg.


  • "live Elgg site"
    what criteria, features, metrics makes an elgg-site 'great" ?
    web2 3, ajax, jquery, ui, member base, content, technology, happy users.. ?
    where does one start and where ends the 'sampling' and calibration.. ?
    i have so far been just keeping my little bookmarks of elgg sites --
    if they use elgg, i bookmark it..
    one basic reason is -- with up to 40,000 downloads ;-o
    it is ;frustrating' that there is no elgg-site directory with 40,000 domains !;-)
    dwangz ;-O


    A network based on groups. Front page functionality DhrupDeScoop, design by elggzone.



    A network for teachers, students and parents. Powered by Elgg. Designed and Developed by SW Social Web LLC with some help from Dhrup De Scoop =)

    Screenshot: Here I posted there to avoid making this page wider.

  • Thanks for the screen shots and lits rjcalifornia, gillie, and ghumanz!

    Apparently I need to define some terms.

    "live Elgg site" - A site that is deployed and currently active. Not a mock up or a proof of concept.

    "great looking Elgg site" A visually appealing and functional site based on Elgg. 

    We're wanting to get a collection of nice looking Elgg sites to show off what's possible with the project. If you've done something exemplary with Elgg, please link to it!



    Russian Social Network for lawyers, bankers, teachers and students.

    Powered by Elgg. Designed and developed by reZident

  • image

    fkKIDS.Com, fkTEENS.Com, fkKIDDIES.Com.

    Our stats since 2008 :=
    TOTAL =                212,802

    Why would we be proud  of our Elgg-based Site ?
    We went from 1 member to 12,000 within 6 months,
    to 27,000 members in another 5 months,
    to 50,000 in another 4 months,
    to 200 members until today..
    We have been 'accused' (here on the community of being 'web2' lolz ;)
    However,.. our ever increasing 'custmers' do not seem to care about that !

    We have run Elgg Chats, External Hosted Chats and 3D Virtual Worlds Linked to the Vanilla Elgg Site platform. Developed many, may PlugIns to keep the "custimers" (mis bebés lindos) happy.. A few examples of that which I believe has made FBFK -FKKids.Com - to become what it is today for Children from at least half of the countries world-wide is the content. A sampling of this seems to lie in the the kind of Groups tht the Kids have created for themselves :-

    Many are the fun-stuff, but wait until you see the serious stuff they create -- to do with World Peace and such kindered global issues...


    Real people creatng their own future.. using the medium of the web / internet built on the Elgg Platform... What else gives us fame ? LOLZ - we gotta be the only Elgg site to ever have been sued by FaceBook itself.. we have a history of threats from them for over 1 year.. They still ain't touched us 1 nanometre !;-)





  • @Dhrup - Thanks for the info. I've edited out the off topic parts. Please create and link to a page here if you want to have that content. Thanks.