Would elgg be a good option for my site?

I'm a LAMP programmer and custom built a database driven site.. I need to add more functionality to it and was considering moving the site to a script like elgg, but had a few questions about functionality/compatibility.. I know "anything" can be possible with the right coding, but I'm looking at current available and with available mods/plugins. The current site is at http://bit.ly/dtGKxC so you can get an idea. Minor custom modifications are ok, but if I'm going to be spending a ton of time to do custom functionality I might as well stick with my own work.

A short description about my site, it is geared to members/fans of the Drum and Bugle Corps activity. The sites main purpose is to help connect members and potential sponsors so that the members can raise donations for their membership fees more efficiently than more typical methods. The site is in its first season and has helped raised over $14k for its members.

Can elgg:

- have two main membership options (member, sponsors)?
- have multiple custom signup options with required fields?
- have multiple images for a profile?
- have users upload videos to their profile or be able to upload videos somewhere that can be linked from their profile?
- have videos in other formats (avi, wmv, mov, etc) be converted to flv if video uploads are available?
- allow people in the sponsors group donate money to people in a members group, and be able to track it either by date or year. Donations are not actual money donations, the money would be sent directly by the sponsor to the drum corps group the member is assigned to, so once a "donation" (or pledge to donate) is made, the sponsor will be shown/sent the groups address and donation information. The sponsor and member should also be able to track the progress of the pledge
- have the admin be able to view personal messages between members?
- have members report each other for misuse of the site?

Any input would be great. I'm a fulltime LAMP programmer, I'm just way too busy with paying clients to spend a lot of time on this site so I was considering other viable options.