How do I fix unix time format to normal?

Hi, does somebody know how do I fix the unix time format (example 123456789) to an age stamp, like 13 years old?


In my cpanel file manager I see the simple_datepicker folders are http/unix-directory, is that the issue I have to fix? If yes, then how?

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    Well I'm sorry but I googled that, and I didn't found anything which says that how do I convert unix time format to agestamp.

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    Oh gosh! How many times I have to say that I FOUND NOTHING ON THE MF GOOGLE! >.<

  • I just love helping you! you are so warm and fuzzy using only lady like language, never demanding and always accepting advice from others. How could anyone get tired of your multiple TSFIizums.

    I am so glad you found my relpy helpful! 

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    @Elgg community moderators: I think the rule "google first before posting topics" should be deleted. For example, there are people in the world, or this elgg community that cannot find any topics when prompted to do so, like me. I must admit that I didn't find anything! The only topics in google I found are ABSOLUTELY NOT RELATED to this topic. I found something else only.

    @Mr. Steve Aquila: Of course I am warm-hearted, but I'm just frustated only right now, that's why I'm saying words like "MF". And btw: I have Aspergers, so that means I am warm-hearted and kind, but sometimes I get that angry that I swear.

  • There is more to the Internet than Google. Try Bing. Why is Google being used as a verb? Why don't you use PHP Date() instead? Maybe you can do something with that?

    Even with Asperger's you still have a choice not to swear, and it takes more thought to abbreviate it. If you're not careful people will tell you and your MF tongue to FO.

  • Google first should always be the rule.  Even if you don't find anything you should at least make the effort before asking other people to go out of their way to supply you with code.

    That said, here is what my google search turned up:

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    Okay, in what file do I add this? I have simple_datepicker added to the profile_manager, but I don't know in what file I add these php things :S I indeed added them to calculatedays.php file but nothing changes on my elgg site, I still get the 123456789 number line in the age field :S I also get the "Form is missing _token and _ts fields". WHAT SHOULD I REALLY DO?