Instalation not working (actions folder named wrong?)

I have been trying to install Elgg for about a week now but ran into a few issues along the way:

  • Once I set up my DB using the wizard I then fill out all the site settings and when I click on Next it can not find the page. The reason is because the form action="action/systemsettings/install"
    I got around this by copy and pasting the code into a new file and amending it to actions/systemsettings/install.php which worked fine.
  • The next issue is with the viewtype. Once you click Next from the above action I get PHP errors basicly saying that the failsafe view isn't assigned to anything, I have tried to change this to other views but no luck.
And so I'm stuck. My Hosting is with Media Temple so does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong or if the installation files just aren't working?
Many thanks,
  • I beleive that either here on or google groups that there has been a how to posted on installin g with media temple. Use search and see if you can find it

  • Hey, Thanks for the reply. I have been looking around and also decided to contact MT concerning it as most of the issues before where the fact that MT didn't have up to date MySQL and PHP4 was set as defualt however they are uptodate now. MT gave me some sites to try but the issue I get is a PHP error which looks lke this:


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_set_viewtype() in /nfs/c04/h01/mnt/59752/domains/ on line 16


    Any ideas from anyone?