Uploading files

Hi there.

I've installed Ellg this morning. Everything went very well.

I started to upload files and added some fake users and uploaded files with their accounts too. I used PDFs, MP3s, TXTs and JPEGs. I could view them and listen to them quite well.

But suddenly no file isn't working anymore. The one JPEG I had online before is still showing. But after a reload with cache deletion it's broken. When I switch back to the file page it shows again. But the MP3s aren't playing anymore. The PDFs are empty. When I download all those files with the FTP-Client all are in "good condition" and working.

I can't upload no new files which are working now. With JPEGs it ries and tries and tries and... MP3s are uploading but there's nothing to hear.

I tried to edit the maximum allowed file sizes in the .htaccess file. But nothing happened.

And I had gzip on and of.

That's very strange.

Any suggestions?


I'm testing with a new service provider. My old ones can't run Ellg propperly.

My "data" directory is outside the ellg installation. But not outside the home directory.