Site Access 2.3 Feature Requests

Throwing some new stuff into Site Access... so if you want something that I feel is reasonable... post here and I'll let you know if I'm gonna put it in or not.  Plan on doing some work on it this weekend.

  • i really like this plugin... it's really great...

    I was able to figure out to get the extra field in on the registration page

    one question,

    i need to be able to see the url that i require in the registration form...

    and i need to make the 'blog' url required.

    sorry that's two questions.

  • I second the idea by skotmiller: "Be tom feature and new members auto join groups". Very needed.

    hugues idea is excellent and very-very important too: "select language in registration !"

    What is really-really needed is a more expanded registration form. I don't agree with db: "Reduce the number of requried fields for registration."

    I think with the form plugins by Kevin and your Site Access plugin, the two need to get connected. When someone builds their user's profile fields, they should be able to chose what ones get added to the registration form and these fields should get populated at registration. The fields would help the administrator to have a clear idea of who is registering on the web-site. I would call this a critical update/enhancement.

  • Duplicated from the plugin message board ...

    incorporate one 'uncaptcha' (by cash) feature into login ... an invisible email field that only a bot will read ... if it fills in the invisible field, it is refused access and banned.

    It will work with the slim-login plugin if it is postitioned above slim-login. In a dream world, it would also offer a login box that varies in size and shape, but I realise that is asking a lot, I only say that because skot's slim login is a useful plugin.

    Oh ... also ... allow user avatars like 'mod/profile/icondirect.php' by default or advise users of custom_index what they need to do.


  • Eagerly looking forward to the next release. Wanted to add, would you be willing to include a recommended list for "Access Control list of approved pages for walledgarden, one page per line" in the plugin?

  • Hi Shellcode,

    Any chance of adding the ability to send HTML emails ? Or if i edit the database that will work ?


  • By the way, i just noticed the PHPMailer plugin already has the option of sending HTML emails. It would be great to integrate both, so that new registration emails have images, logos, url's, font formatting, etc.


  • ShellCode must be really cooking up something good. He's been away for a while now. Hope to see 2.3 come out very-very soon!!

  • How about adding what IP address was used at last login. And to go with that, a searchable list where you can search/sort by IP, invited by, email address, username, name etc.

    That would make siteaccess a swiss army knife to hunt down people with multiple profiles and spammers.

  • option to allow invitations to be send by admin only, like in the "invitations" plugin.

  •  -  cutom verify age checker: e.g.  this site for  +13,  +18.