Elgg install in another language (differente than English)

Hello all.

I´ve made the complete translation to portuguese (99,74%).  Including the archives:
   \elgg\mod\ <plugin>

I tried to install the Elgg 1.8b1 and only at '6st step' (last page, after the creation of the admin account) was translated to portuguese, as expected.  The same happens to Elgg 1.8b2.

What could be changed to let the process (all the 'steps') use the translated information?

Why it is not working (i.e., the first page do not use the translation package at /elgg/language/)?  Any other configuration was necesssary?




See the plugin:
         Elgg 1.8 - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) - translate (to Elgg 1.7.5 see version 1.0)