Problem with language switching


I'm again here after searching for an answer for my problem.


I'm using Elgg 1.7.9.

Is it normal that despite creating my language file (fr.php) in my plugin directory (mod/grr/languages/fr.php), doing the same stuff as in normal en.php and that following instructions on how to set it in elgg_echo, it's not translating at all but showing the english translation?


I'm on localhost for my tests, is it somewhere influencing that problem?


$french = array(

    'grr:name'=>"Nom de la ressource"





<p><?php echo elgg_echo('grr:name', 'fr'); ?><br/>


Is there something wrong there?


Thanks for your ideas, answers or anything else.


For now, I'll put my french words in the en.php (which is not I want to do for the final version).