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I need help, Im trying to change the width of my profile columns. I can not figure out how to make my left and right column smaller, and the middle wider..Kind of like facebook, but with widgets on the left and ads on the right. Please any guidance would be appreciated, I am lost. thank you

  • Kenny, what you are asking cannot be explained with a single line answer. It would take some fair bit of coding with CSS and Php for achieving the custom profile page layout which I have done before for my $clients.

    If you have pretty decent knowledge of Php, you will be able to achieve it by studying the views structure of elgg widgets and css.


  • Thank you..Actually I am fairly new to this and I learning as I go. Is there any place I can go to kinda of get guided in the right direction. Thank you

  • huh ? didn't even realize this was posted 2x !

    so copied other comments =

    DC: widgets are fixed width (i think..) to fit the current columns' size. anyways - you'll need to look into the widgets.php code inside there. ps - 'never' say 'like fb' - say like 'new elgg looks;)'

    K: Ok. Sorry about that..Ive been browsing some of the themes over the internet and saw some with a three column layout with a wider middle column. I thought this made the profile look really clean..So thats why I was curious if it could be done or how hard it would be to do it.

    DC: hmm..
    did you "..look into the widgets.php code" yet ?

    enjoy ;)

  • Kenny, your question has already been answered. And, please don't maky copy posts!

  • From de dupe topic:=

    31 minutes ago

    I looked at widets.php but I could not find anything related to resizing them or the columns..Here is a link to one of themes I saw,

    Didya indeed read the code in there ? 

    If you read that code.. then tell me that you have (sic) not located
    #customise_editpanel table.draggable_widget {


    "if it could be done "
    answer = yes.

    ".. or how hard it would be to do it" 
    answer = very hard if one does not know how to read code, grep for xrefs, co-relate code declaratives and procedurals.