Register confirmation is not showing the link!

Hi, I finally have the real reg page, I registered my test account, but now the confirmation message is not showing the link to the activation. Why not? :S


But anyways, thank you guys for helping me sometimes, and I'm sorry for sometimes being such a bimbo or a heartbreaker who was usually idle. And thanks also to creators of elgg for launching such a cool software to make networks :)


But how do I fix the email problem which is not showing the link to the activation? :S


  • TSFI

    Anybody here? :)

  • You should not sit idle ... it is bad for your helth and might generate some irritation to some of the people around if you are not active enough to go through and understand their remedies. :P


    Anyway, there could be several reasons which might prevent the emails to be delivered to your email accounts like blacklisting of the ip address, problem with the sendmail server, etc.

    You SHOULD search for existing posts on the community before creating a new one and expect replies "asap". ;)


    If you are very very new into this Elgg thingy, it could take you some fair amount of time figuring things out. And, you HAVE TO  have the patience for it.


    I hope you have got the point that I am actually provoking you for learning, rather than coming up with problems and getting frustrated. No one in the community has got the time and patience (and $reason) helping you setup your very first Elgg website except for you.

    I wish you all the very best for your learning.

  • TSFI

    Thank you for the answer :)

    Well, but the confirmation emails still come to user, but the emails don't show the link to the activation.


    I found in cpanel ip deny thing that server setting, beggining ip and ending ip are being blocked all, should I remove the ip denies from server setting, beggining ip and ending ip?

  • Then ther could be some other reason ... maybe an outdated language pack (what happened to me before) or some other plugin?

  • TSFI

    Okay, I'll fix the error. Thank you :) It is actually the lang pack.

  • TSFI

    Fixed the error and now it works all fine!! :')