i really need help now..i didt know how to start this...anyone, please help me...

im new here, so i have try to follow the instruction but seriusly i still dont get it...i have follow instuction from youtube too but i didt see my administration page n whre can i see the localhost/elgg page???...help me please

  • You'll probably need to provide a bit more information.  I assume you're just trying to install Elgg at the moment, how far did you get?

    If you're installing it on your computer, as opposed to a remote server, then localhost can be accessed via a browser by going to http://localhost

    If you installed elgg to a certain directory in your localhost then you'll find it at http://localhost/elggdirectory

    You won't be able to access your admin page until elgg is properly installed, that means the database has been created, the credentials entered into the install script, and your admin account created.

  • The instructions are a bit confusing at first, so let me try to simplify:

    1. create a new database in your control panel(provided by your host) (make note there maybe a prefix like domainuser_databasename)

    2. create a new database user with all privalages(also in the control panel) and associate that user with that database. Again keep prefixes in mind.

    3. make a new directory outside of the normal path on the server. IE home/accountname/htdocs/elgg. Place this new directory in accountname. Change the permissions of it to 777(chmod. can be done with an ftp program).

    4. Upload elgg to the server.

    5. install http://domainname/elgg/install.php. Depending on which version you are using may require changing the htaccess file. If that is Greek to you, use 1.8b1 or b2. It simplfies the process greatly. It will ask for pathname, database usernames/passwords, etc. It will also ask for the path to the datadirectory(the one youplaced outside the normal path) and will ask for the path from the browser side. Make sure you create the admin account using Admin and whatever password you can remember.

    6. Find plugins you like and try them out.

    7. modify to your heart's content.

    I hope this brief tutorial helps! :-)


  • I am also new. And I was also confused. I'm using version 1.7.8. I initially successful, but after I installed the plugin be some difficulty turned to action. 

    I installed Elgg through GoDaddy hostingconnection. What should I do.

    @Gilead..thanks for your advise

  • @wiwit arjanti The very first thing I would like to advise you would be to drop GoDaddy. I have experienced their weird userinterface before and it is an aweful one. Try hosting providers like A2Hosting or Arvixe. Thet provider way better service even with latest version of Elgg installatin with their one-click installer. The automated script installer of GoDaddy, I believe, still is older.

  • @Shouvik Mukherjee, thanks for the suggestion, but I am not a programmer, moved the hosting may be hard for me. But I like to learn new things. Currently I've been studying the hosting as you suggested. You're right. to be cheaper. Thank you and happy to meet you.