I don't remember the file which manages the registration

Hi, I don't remember what was the file which I edited to delete the display name field, was it register.php or what file? I wish somebody knows what is the file where are the registration fields and the registration management.


If not, then what can I do to get the normal registration page back? I want to get the nornal registration page back in that way that I don't lose any plugins, myself (admin), page colors and background etc. I mean that I don't want to install elgg totally again.



  • TSFI

    DANG! My site is now damaged! I accidentally deleted some folders in cpanel, now.. It seems like I need more help again...

  • TSFI

    Okay, I asked help in my hosting site's support, and it seems like everything is getting back to normal :)

  • @ TSFI: Why didn't you check the dates of the files on the server using your FTP program or CPANEL file manager? The the files you changed will have different dates to the ones you didn't change. If you uploaded all files at the same time, check your local folders and files as well for different dates. Download Elgg and replace the ones you changed from the Elgg file.

    Before you save changes to a file, rename the original with OLD or a number first: example, registerOLD.php or registerREV1.php

    Make sure your site works on a local machine before sending updates to your working site. You can install XAMPP or something similar to do that.