I don't remember the file which manages the registration

Hi, I don't remember what was the file which I edited to delete the display name field, was it register.php or what file? I wish somebody knows what is the file where are the registration fields and the registration management.


If not, then what can I do to get the normal registration page back? I want to get the nornal registration page back in that way that I don't lose any plugins, myself (admin), page colors and background etc. I mean that I don't want to install elgg totally again.



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    Seriously somebody answer quickly, because I am all the time trying to fix this error but nothing works, I am searching all the time also for the files which I edited but I can't find anything :(

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    Okay.. I'll try fixing the problem by myself, and if the error still appears or some other errors come, then it would be your fault because you didn't help me... So think about it. Either you help me with finding the right file, or I will destroy my site by trying to fix it by myself. And also, did you know that it's now 2:10 AM in finland and I'm young and I also need some sleep because I'm tired, stressed out, and also young people need sleep to get beauty and full of energy. My eyes are draining, I can't think about anything etc. That means I'm tired, so I hope your answer is in this topic after I wake up.

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    I just woke up. And no answer.

    Thank you so much...

  • It's simply impossible for us to guess what you have changed in what file(s). If you only changed register.php you could re-install the unchanged original files from the Elgg package. There are three register.php files in


    actions/register.php and


    But if you changed any other file... how should we know? As I already tried to explain in your other thread the only way for you to find out what files have been modified is to use a diff tool to compare the current state of your files with the original state. Depending on your OS you need to find a suitable diff tool. It should allow you to compare the whole directory structure on your site (which you might have to download or you could start with comparing the files of your XAMMP with the original files if you have the same issue there). In case of Windows, WinMerge could help your (http://winmerge.org/). If you have Linux available the command

    diff -rq /dir1 /dir2
    should give you a list of files that differ (but there are also other tools available in Linux that could give you a graphic interface and can show the differences better).
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    Nope, I have windows only. And It's Windows 7, and it has a virtual PC where I installed XP and 2k. But thanks for the answer.

  • Ok, @TSFI you need to extend the views instead of editing core files. It is easier that way. 


    Info: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Engine/Views


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

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  • Okay... in case of Windows try it with WinMerge (see link above). I haven't tried this program myself but just googled it. But I think it should allow you to compare the current state of the files with the original state at least and this is what you need to do now to find out what files have been changed. You can then either trying to fix the errors in the changed files or restore these files on your server by replace them with the original server. Of course, the comparing will only work on your local computer, so either first compare your local XAMMP installation with the original Elgg package or download the files on your server first.

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    @DhrupDeScoop ...

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    @DhrupDeScoop Please stop using that mf google translate