Latest photos not always displaying

I have problem with latest photos widget. Photos not always displaying, sometimes evrything is fine and I can see all 6 pictures of someone but sometimes (at this same profile) I see only part of photos (for example 4-5) and only file name of rest. Frist I think that is only problem with thumbail creation, so i creat new profile and add 6 photos, first day evrything was fine - I saw each photo in widget but next day when I open same profile I could only see 3 of them, next day 6 again, next 5, etc...

Anyone have idea what is the reason?


ps. I just saw that I have same problem with friends widget... :/

  • I believe this is a problem of your server. If the server load is too high or a page requires a lot of mysql queries to display all items this could result in incomplete pages. If this problem happens often, you should ask your webhoster support. Either the server hasn't enough resources for Elgg (shared server?) or isn't configured properly.

  • It is shared server but I have only 20 users (page is still in development stage) and 64MB of memory for site with 30s execution time.

  • Unfortunately, the load could be too high even with a single user online. On a shared server it's more likely for this to happen. In my experience a shared server is not powerful enough for Elgg in the long run. If you have many widgets on a page (for example profile page or an index page) there could be up to 100 http requests and even more mysql queries for a page to load. Depending on your server setup it could be a too high CPU load, or maybe the I/O system (hard disc access) is the bottleneck. I also had made the experience that MySQL on a separate server could result in slow page loads / incomplete pages. Back then I was on a shared server (the hoster called it their "cloud server"). It often happened that pages loaded very slowly and were incomplete afterwards. I think the server config was very bad or the routing was the problem. It didn't improve and I had to change to a VPS server (not that everything works fine ALL the time there, but you have at least a few more possibilities to improve the server config and apart from a hardware issue right at the beginning and a temporary routing issue on the webhosters ISP everything works fine since about a year).