The error still exist on registration!!

I still don't understand what the heck is going on in my site's registration, even if I put the right things, and entered an correct email, username and password, still the error comes. I tried to disable my theme also but that doesn't work either :/ And in google, this time I couldn't find anything about this error, I found only junk in google...


My elgg test site still exist (the one which is in a XAMPP directory for testing) and there the registration worked so good about 3 weeks ago even if I enabled the theme, have finnish language pack, deleted the display name etc. but now suddenly the registration doesn't work either on the site in the XAMPP directory.


I'm possibly thinking that if I have actually an error in my computer, and not in the elgg sites (domain and xampp directory)?

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    @Lee you know that not all the people know all things in the whole world, so you don't have to be mean to people who don't know something. That's the point.

  • TSFI: I helped you. I gave you the answer, but you chose to ignore it!

    Those teens aren't going to write their real name for the the display name on a dating site. Is TSFI your real name? Go back to your other post and see what the solution was.

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    @Lee No, tsfi is not my real name, it's my sites name, it means "TeiniSinkut.FI" and teinisinkut means teen singles, and "FI" is the prefix of the finnish domain. And that all is a short for my domains name.

    Okay, I'll go to the other post, but I did not ingore, I just was only idle.

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    And I'm sorry for being such a bad heartbreaker for being idle always, I just got other stuff also on the computer which I have to figure out, I have to hang out with my friends sometimes, I have to have some free time etc. I'm just a busy girl, but I think every people in the world are sometimes busy. And I'm also young, and I could be a little bit stupid because I'm young, but still, I have a warm heart and I'm kind and I am empathic to most people and animals (even those ferocious animals or insects) but sometimes because of my Aspergers I can get aggressive, sad, stupid etc. I'm kinda like a cartoon, where my life is so adjective. So please people, treat me right because I'm not a person like Adolf Hitler...

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    @molessia Joynes Please don't post the same message in every topic. I feel and know the pain for those babies, but you can not copy and paste the same message in every other topic.

  • I think the only way to get the registration working again at least is to restore the original files. If you don't know anymore what files you edited exactly, you could use a diff tool (depending on your Operating system there are numerous such tools available so I can't tell what best to use - on Linux I use kompare and kdiff in KDE which allows to compare files and also whole directory trees). By comparing the files you will find the modified files and also the modifications you made.

    I also don't think it's so simple as to only remove the display name entries in the registration form, because the display name is also used in many, many other places on an Elgg site. Instead of removing the display name completely, you could assign the username to the display name entry instread. Then the variable will at least have a value.

    Of course people will be able to change their display name later on nevertheless then. But if you only remove the display name in the registration form they would be able to set it later on on the site, too.

    What if people use their real name as username (firstname.lastname or firstnamelastname)? Then you would have gained nothing by removing the display name from the registration form.

    Wouldn't it be better to show a hint on the registration form above the display name field to tell people not to use their real names (while other sites require the use of the real name you could show the requirement NOT to use a real name). You could also explain the issue in more detail on the "Terms" and "Privacy" pages.

    I think you might be afraid too much in this issue. Not a single member on my site has registered with his/her full real name. Some might use their first name as display name but the majority uses alias names both for username and display name without me restricting anything.

  • P.S.: A tip that might help you in future. To not lose track of modified files you could do the following: before starting to modify a file create a copy of this file in the same directory and name these copies in a consistent way, for example filename.php would be copied to filename.php_backup. In case something goes wrong you can easily restore the unmodified file by simply renaming the copy again. And you can also list all modified files by searching recursively for "*_backup".

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    @iionly thanks for the advice :) I will then put the thing you said (like putting the "do not use a real name" thing)