worlds largest elgg site 'The Profile Engine' is now public - Major enhancements to elgg 1.8

The Profile Engine began life as the worlds largest social network search engine. With addition of an elgg front end it has become a fully fledged social network.

We have had our fork of elgg under intensive development for the last three months and have done some amazing stuff. We now invite the elgg community to be among the very first people to experience the all-new profile engine.

Some of the key enhancements we have made to elgg include:

Full site AJAX which degrades nicely for crawlers or if javascript is off.

Integrated music/video player which will continue to play as you navigate the site, thanks to the AJAX.

Integrated Facebook chat bar with single sign-on.

420 Million personal profiles.

50 Million groups.

20 Billion data points (friendships and group memberships)

Powerful custom-built search engine based on sphinx.


We have had to heavily modify elgg in some respects so unfortunately our work can't all feed directly into the core elgg code but wherever possible we will be open-sourcing and releasing our work as plugins or adapting it to work with a standard elgg install, as soon as time and resources allow.

At the moment, a lot of features are still disabled or incomplete but it's time to start letting people use the site while we continue to develop it. Currently the only option for login is using Facebook.

Chances are that you already have a profile engine profile, just log in with Facebook to claim it!

We would be very keen to hear your feedback, either on this topic or (especially for bugs) please use the feedback link provided at the bottom of the page on the site to access our feedback forum.

So without further delay, here's the link... please check it out!




  • i agree with mike, it is impressive but still, having my information taken from facebook and put on another site without my permission is violating my privacy. but then again i don't really care since my fb profile is public and will always be public since 2007 lol. 

    now all i want to know is your code on making elgg page load via ajax 8-)

  • @Mike My data has  been private since 2005 and yet I find my profile in Profile Engine.

  • RJCalifornia, at some point Facebookchanged privacy policy. I think approx. 1-2 years ago they changed privacy system and you had to re-edit your data to make them stay private, as some data was made public by default.

    In case you have your data set as private right now and it was still imported, this is Facebook's responsibility (and you could probably sue them). I would advice you to check wether your policy wasn't changed though.

  • @Mike

    Yes, and as soon as that new privacy system came up, I changed to private. No search engine has my info, except...

    The problem, the legal problem is that they had the right to index users data. They didn't have the right to recreate it on another website (Facebook Clone). Chris is somewhere near a lawsuit from everybody. It was not Facebook's responsibility, it's is ONLY Chris responsibility. He was doing something very illegal, and a lawsuit will come, eventually against him.

    Even the fact that 'Facebook changed their policy' and everything was public, doesn't mean I have the right to get all of your information and replicate it on my own website, and never allow anyone to remove that data from my site.

    The damage is done, and it is very bad that some of the fault is spilling over the elgg community (do a google search) by more and more people everyday, because of the 'involvement' of the core team...

  • brett and.or core team should have banned this chris 'mate' when he posted ' Please take your trolling somewhere else, it is clear that you have nothing constructive to contribute' -> against me. i kinda had a feeling then he was bad boy.

    so now - maybe we run to code some better privacy plugins @ elgg ?!

  • haha intresting reading all these comments

  • I am working on the :) not really

  • 420 million users ? Chris, I checked and my site beats you on traffic in a good day according to with less than 7.000 members. Really impressive ! (lol) 

    Btw I have the biggest and oldest family in the world. 7 billion relatives and 2 mln years of history. To bad nobody knows that :-)

  • Nothing like a dot com concept with a gazillion profiles and no point. What will they come up with next? How about a restaurant concept where there is no food served, no one has done that one yet...hmmm

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