Installation Issue

Ok, so I have been playing with Elgg today ready for my big beta launch of the next Facebook LOL.


First install went well, I am using 1.7.10 so I am guessing its stable. Following instructions I have unpacked ELGG into a folder within one of my domains, created a Data folder with full permissions, created a MySql DB then opened the site from my browser (Chrome) Great! Got a first form asking for my database info, that went well, then onto the larger form filling in all the other bits - fantastic, damn this is so simple, wish I'd done it ages ago! 

Clicked on Save - ok, things are taking there time, slow refresh, went for coffee, came back still refreshing, left it for a while still refreshing.... nope thats as far as I got.

Ok simple, clean reinstall... deleted the folder, deleted the DB, started again, same thing

One more time, lots of info about incorrect attributes in the install folder

Final clean reinstall.... nothing, I go to the url - blank screen

Try clean install in two other domains - - blank screen

Try clean install of 1.8.0b2 (just in case) - blank screen

Deleted and rebuilt DB's still same result

I know the troubleshooting says its a MySql module error, but I have no idea how to sort this - I am using cPanel, I know my way round a system, so not really newbie status - just waiting for response from hosting tech support - might be a problem at their end (fingers crossed) but if anyone can give me a few hints I would be more than gratefull :)