Strange error during registration.

Hi, everything now works fine on my elgg site on my domain, except registration doesn't work fine.


I have this problems in the registration:

1. I installed the username and password checker, but the checker is not appearing on the registration page.

2. After I filled all the fields in registration, I get an error where it says that this username and email address are either too short or in use.


I don't understand? I checked the plugins and I didn't find any other plugins which override the registration.


I hope somebody answers as soon as possible.



  • TSFI

    Sorry, I was kind of idle, but thanks anyway :) AND ALSO, I DON'T REMEMBER THE FILE WHERE I EDITED! WAS IT THAT MF REGISTER.PHP? -.-


    No, you don't need to get offended, I was idle, or then because I have kinda of bad english, I didn't understand very well.


    Please understand me, I am kind of weird, because of my disease.


    Stop everybody treating me like an annoying person, I'M NOT! I'M JUST WEIRD BECAUSE OF ASPERGER SYNDROME. THAT'S  I T!


  • Miksi olla vihainen tai surullinen?
    Kun sinulla on ystäviä täällä Elgg yhteisön ..
    Kuka auttaa, kun on ongelmia ..
    Ja tehdä koodi toimi oikein tfor sinua?

  • TSFI

    friends? No I don't think so, because you called me "stupid".

  • Sorry Dhrup! Her true colors are bright and shinny!

  • Aspergers is not a disease, it is a syndrome. I have aspergers as well. That may be why I understood and tried to be more helpful to you TSFI. Your site however violates some laws. You have to be 18+ to go on a dating site and yours is for minors. Is it compliant with the COPPA? In other words do the parents have to approve that it is okay that their child uses the site? if your site complies with then it might be okay, it is a site that I found... not sure of how reliable it is. I do know that it is accurate on the 18 or over for dating sites.

  • COPPA: "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act"

    (1) CHILD.—The term "child" means an individual under the age of 13.


    As I understand it COPPA is U.S. law. So, it seems not valid for a Finnish Dating site anyway. But I'm sure there are similar laws in Finland. How they might differ for the age group 13-18 I can't say.

    If it's wise to create a website aiming on non-adults is another question. How to verify the age? Do you want adults on your site communicating with minors under the disguise of being of similar age than them? I'm sure that's exactly the mostly wrong group of adults to have on any site.

    What about members getting 19? This could happen pretty soon when they register while being 18. They built up a group of friends and then... do they get kicked out from the site or are they allowed to stay? Then the 13-18 limit will be soon out-dated and adults will be between the minors.


    @TFSI: you seem to have very specific ideas how to set up your site. You need to keep in mind that this will take time - not hours, nor days but weeks and months! You can't expect getting exact how-tos on each or your very specific problems. Especially, if you don't provide enough information about your problem you can't expect good answers. If you seem to ignore the good replies just because they are not describing a detailed step-by-step solution you discourage anyone from helping you in future. For example I might not reply anymore to any requests you might make if I get the impression that you make the same old mistakes again and again. Programming is not only about learning PHP or any other computer language, server administration is not only about learning the options in Apache, MySQL etc. You also need to learn to approach a problem in a structured way. Errors will always happen (to anyone at anytime). That's why you need to learn how to approach a problem in general. You need to write down what you modify, or you need to backup the files before you change them. You need to be able to take back any changes at any time in case you notice a problem asap. It's also not wise to try out new things on your productive site. Make you site simple and working at first. Then test new things on a test installation and adopt them on your productive site only AFTER you made sure it works. If you think your site is not ready yet for public, then don't make it public and don't stress yourself out unncessesarily.

  • Asking to learn how to do something is very different to asking to be told what to do.

  • TSFI

    [Removed for inappropriate language]

  • This thread has spiraled out of control so I'm closing it.

    I want to remind everyone that insults and rude behavior will not be tolerated here.

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