Strange error during registration.

Hi, everything now works fine on my elgg site on my domain, except registration doesn't work fine.


I have this problems in the registration:

1. I installed the username and password checker, but the checker is not appearing on the registration page.

2. After I filled all the fields in registration, I get an error where it says that this username and email address are either too short or in use.


I don't understand? I checked the plugins and I didn't find any other plugins which override the registration.


I hope somebody answers as soon as possible.



  • TSFI

    I disabled the theme but still doesn't work :S

  • Did you check the database for the existing e-mail address?

    I'm going to register to the site to see what happens. It's the one on your profile, right?

  • Sanoin ennen,
    rikoit Elgg koska olet muuttanut joitakin kriittisiä koodi: -
    Sinun virhe johtuu: -
    / / Vähän järki tarkistus ;)
    if (empty ($username)
    | | Tyhjä ($password)
    | | Tyhjä ($nimi)
    | | Tyhjä ($email)) {
    Laita alkuperäinen koodi takaisin, sinä typerä tyttö.

  • Okay, I got an error on registration as well.


    Are you sure the form fields match the entries required in the DB?

    It could be that you are passing data to the wrong row or not passing data when it's expected.

    Standard Elgg installations use FIVE form fields in the registration form, yours has FOUR. You have the 'Display Name' field missing. 'Display Name' populates the 'name' field in the database.

    I tried registering without a display name on my local machine. I got the same error you described. 


  • TSFI

    You know finnish Dhrup? Or did you use google translate? :D

  • Google tai Real Suomea. Laita ORIGINAL Rekisteröidy lomaketunnus takaisin;-P

  • TSFI

    Okay, please stop insulting me, and by the way, I'm not stupid, and I know I'm not really a nerd, but still... You don't need to insult me, and you can't also diss me, because I have Asperger's Syndrome and so that means that I'm too delicate to get insulted, I can get too angry and sad if you insult me.


    Please, even if I'm blonde, nerd, dumb, or whatever, just respect me due to my neurological disease.



  • @ DhrupDeScoop: looks like our responses are connected. Why wouldn't you want a display name?

  • TSFI

    LOL Google Translate :D And ok, I will put the real code back. But in what file :D

  • @ TSFI: The file YOU changed! Thanks for NOT thanking me for my reply which gave you a good answer. I'm not helping you anymore!!!!


    I tested on YOUR site to help you and on my own local site to reach the answer. Why no thanks from you?

    I'm also blonde. Hair colour has nothing to do with it. Great community spirit.

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