Strange error during registration.

Hi, everything now works fine on my elgg site on my domain, except registration doesn't work fine.


I have this problems in the registration:

1. I installed the username and password checker, but the checker is not appearing on the registration page.

2. After I filled all the fields in registration, I get an error where it says that this username and email address are either too short or in use.


I don't understand? I checked the plugins and I didn't find any other plugins which override the registration.


I hope somebody answers as soon as possible.



  • You mentioned in another thread that you are using not the default image captcha plugin. I don't know exactly what plugins you do have installed exactly, but I could imagine that this image captcha plugin might be the plugin that causes the problem with the username and password checker plugin.

    Are you sure that the username and password checker really doesn't work anyway? I'm not sure if the error message you got is not due to this plugin. Otherwise, in case the error message is from Elgg core or not it still says "email or username already in use" (... by another account) or "username too short". Might any of these statements be valid for the account data you tried to register with?

    P.S.: Is it really necessary to flood the site with the same questions again and again? Especially, when I read "answers as soon as possible" additionally I rather get discouraged to answer at all. I also get the impression that you try too many things at once in a hurry. Maybe you should first solve one issue before starting testing something else as the more problems you have on your site the more difficult it gets to solve them because you won't know anymore whats causing the issue sooner or later.

    Also, please THINK for a few minutes and maybe try to RE-THINK again what you have done on your site recently before starting a new thread. You might be able to solve your issues on your own much faster if you just go back the last few steps instead of waiting for others to tell you what to do. That's not easy anyway if you only provide half the information (for example I had asked you what version of Tidypics you used when you told it would cause errors. You said "latest version" only to mention later on that upgrading to the "latest version" solved your problem...)

  • iionly is right, don't flood the site and think before posting. I have learned so much elgg today! I understand the core fundamentals on how to build and modify almost anything and how to build plugins. I really reccomend that you read, especially the tutorials. They make elgg really easy!

    Your problem is highly generic, because elgg generates that alert if anything goes wrong that it isn't programmed to expect with the registration form. What I do and reccomend that you do is to go back to the original registration form and delete your current one, then when you are re-programming the form test everytime you've made a change like adding in a new field and register a fake account and then delete it. It is purely a test account. Best of luck

  • TSFI

    Hi, if I flooded, I'm so sorry then, I'm just only stressed out because this registration error is stressing me out. I even tried to disable some plugins and I also tried the Firefox and IE (F12) Web Developer Tools, and there I tried to delete cache and I started troubleshooting with the web developer tools, but the registration error doesn't go away, and the troubleshooting says that there is an error with this line, because it seems to be empty, which I don't understand what does that mean that it's empty:


    Gosh! I hate errors and I don't understand them :S


    I also deleted in some registration files the display name fields, because of personal security reasons. Can the error come of that?

  • What was first: the error or your modifications in the code? If you make changes and suddenly you get an error in registration it seems obvious what's causing the problem. Or you use some plugin(s) that interfere in the registration process. Maybe each plugin would work flawless on its own but using them together doesn't work. I can only repeat my advice: take back any recent changes, upload the unmodified code again, disable any recent installed plugins etc. until the error disappears.

  • @iionly You are wasting your pixel count, case in point. Before you can expect behavior change the recipiant must read before they can comprehend. 

  • TSFI: what is your background in programming? when it says empty, it means something totally different then what you think. It isn't recieving the value it needs. By modifying the fields, you created this problem. Go BACK to the default registration form without any plugins and start over. 

  • @ TSFI: I think usernames have to be at least 4 characters long anyway.

    Have you checked to make sure the e-mail address isn't in the database? Maybe during testing you've tried to duplicate the e-mail address with different usernames.

    @ justauser: TSFI was able to create her own theme that messed up Elgg and then she pushed hard for help. It seems as though the habit hasn't worn off.

  • TSFI

    Oh gosh, why this error is so hard! Nothing still solves the problem! :(

  • TSFI

    @Lee: I made the theme by following the steps in Creating Theme article.

    For everybody: Just keep answering to this post, because I want some instructions to troubleshoot this error, but I will also keep on trying by myself.

  • @lee thanks. If she disables the theme, elgg would be back to normal. This is my last post on this thread.

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