Some plugins still don't work.

Hi, I wonder why some plugins still don't work. I have elgg 1.7.10 (upgraded from 1.7.9) and the site is working fine, and I already uploaded it to my own domain.


These plugins don't work:


- Tidypics: When I try to create a photoalbum, a message which says something about _token or _ts things, and the error is so annoying.

- Image CAPTCHA: It strangely doesn't appear anymore on registration, and I need that plugin to work.

- PhpFreeChat: This error comes: "Error: 'chat.js.tpl.php' could not be found, please check your themepath 'C:\xampp\htdocs\sites\data\elgg-1.7.8\mod\chat\pfc\src/../themes' and your theme 'default' are correct"


I hope somebody answers as soon as possible.