how to have layered custom page?

Is the "Page" in the default widgets only appropriate for basic html?  is css or even php possible?  I tried to embed all html and css code in the text of the "page" itself, the html part alone works fine but the css cannot be recognized as css. I think the problem is the "header part" in text cannot be recognized. 

How to solve this, please?

I have also used the the classical plugin "my custom page", but I don't know if I can layer multiple mycustompage and let the user navigate through them. 



  • I cannot understand what you're looking for, everyway every part of elgg framework use html generated by php script!

    To use CSS rules, you can write some CSS lines directly in the page

    <style type="text/css">write CSS code here</style>

    or include an external file


    <style type="text/css" src="http://..."></style&gt;

    both need to stay in the head element of the page

  • Do you mean allowing the user to add css or php? This would be risky, but with some adaptions you could probably allow it.

  • Hi guys, 

    thanks for help. I think my question is closer to justauser's reply.  

    So, the effect I want is to allow user to use css to make a small nice looking webpage in the area of "Page Plugin".

    for pure csss, I think it won't be a security problem or?


    but how to enable css for this purpose?


    thanks again!