Site moved - Error opening "Image Library" settings of tidypics

Hi everybody,

I hope somebody might be able to help me with the following issue. I moved a site from a cheap shared webspace to a reseller server using php as non-cgi. This helped a lot, basically to fix the messageboard issue "wrong usernames in posts".

But I now get the error message: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_gatekeeper() in /wwwroot/elgg/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php on line 6" when I try to open the tab "Image Library" in the tidypics settings.

I don't see a difference in the way the gatekeeper gets called from within the admin.php or the start.php of tidypics. Furthermore, the same version of elff and tidypics with the same other plugins and the same initiation order works on the shared webspace.

A side note: I get question marks instead of pictures when I start the slideshow of an album. I read that this could be related to small memory settings, but I have 50MB and a script timeout of 90 sec.

Many thanks in advance!


elgg 1.7.10, tidypics 1.7.0