Images on an album page..

Starting a new album results in only eight images on a page... ridiculous!

  • Just go to mod/tidypics/views/default/object/album.php and change the "8" in line 110 -    " echo $album->viewImages(8, $offset); "  to 12, 16, 20 etc. if this is you problem, it is very easy to fix... no need to wait :)

  • Thanks Mark! being an optimist I whacked it up to 100 images.

    Which file to change the number of albums displayed on a page?

  • jededitor - the limit is set to 12 in tidypics/pages/ownedalbums.php

  • Do you mean the number of albums in the /world view? this is set to 16 at "$num_albums = 16;" in line 14 of mod/tidypics/pages/world.php I believe.

  • Brian & Mark - Thanks guys you are saving me a lot of time and I'm actually managing to get something finished before I forget about it (old age).

    Now.... where to change the display from that four-in-a-line tile display to the one-in-line list-type display?

  • @jededitor - you would have to be much clearer about what you mean.

  • Mark, I think jededitor is referring to the gallery display of albums and images. Is that correct jededitor? Which do you want is a standard list view - albums or images - or both?

  • @jededitor - sorry to be so long in getting back to this... too much summer fun! If you look at the tidypics plugin - views/default/object/ folder you will see two files: album.php and image.php. These are the views for tidypics albums and images. They have a view that will return a smaller "list" -like view that it provides in response to a search. But to get it you have to set the 'search_viewtype' to 'list' Unfortunately, this will need to be done for each page that you want to convert.

    So, say you want to standard album listing to be in "list" view rather than "gallery" view you would edit mod/tidypics/pages/ownedalbums.php. On line 42 edit the line:

    set_input('search_viewtype', 'gallery');

    to read:

    set_input('search_viewtype', 'list');

    Changing the list of images in the album looks to be a bit more work. Have a look around armed with this info and see if you can work it out. If not, I will be mucking around in tidypics later this week and could take a look...

  • Thanks Brian - It worked a treat! I'll take a look at the albums thing as you suggest but would appreciate it you could find the time to have alook as well. I'll post here if I get it right!