new user register not working ... registration successful, but cannot log in

I need help. I have just installed a fresh copy of Engine 1.7.10.

Weird thing ... a new user cannot be created as intended. Here are the facts:

1) After registration, a success message is given, but user is not logged in and led into the Dashboard page.

2) The same user name and email address cannot be used to register again. Message "user name or email already exist"

3) I could use the Admin account to create a new user in the Admin Manage Users area. User created this way would work normally.

4) I turned on email user verification plugin first, and then turned it off when I saw that an email was received in plain text without the intended verification link. Don't know if this might be a cause. I also installed the FacebookTwitter Connect 2 plugin and amended some files based on the plugin's install instruction. I subsequently disabled the plugin, and used back the original files. All this while I have not tested user account creation from the register page. I tested the FBTwitter login buttons ... they seem to create an account ... but also cannot log in. So initially, I thought it was the plugin's bug.

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction. My live site under construction:

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  • 3) above has to be a different user name from those used unsuccessfully previously.



  • Accounts can only be activated via email by default Elgg. So, the uservalidationbyemail plugin must be enabled, if you don't use any other (3rd party) plugins that activate the accounts. If a username and/or email is already used - regardless if the previous account is activated or not, this username and email address can't be used again.

    Can you reproduce the issue with the missing link in the activation email? I got feedback from 2 users who also complained about the missing link, but I couldn't reproduce the issue and it seems to work well otherwise.

    You can also activate any unactivated accounts via the admin section on your Elgg site.

  • iionly, many thanks! I have now solved the problem by bulldozing over it - I downloaded a plugin which was a modified/improved version of the core's uservalidationbyemail plugin (I could not even find the user activation link in the Administration page). The original plugin must have been corrupted by me somehow. Can't believe it not working if included as a core plugin. But I don't know how it got corrupted by me :).

    I highly recommend the new mod plug-in that saved me: Approvenewmembers. It is a good improvement for most intends and purposes anyway. Thanks to Danny for that.