MNET Elgg-Moodle-Integration-Problem

I set up the MNET integration between Elgg and Moodle as described in the install.txt.

I sucessfully found my peers aswell in Moodle as in Elgg, but when I try to SSO from Elgg 1.7.10 to Moodle 2.0.3, by chosing the Peer-Link in the Mnet Toolsmenu-Entry I find this error:

"deERROR 7:7:User with ID 0 attempted to call unauthorised method auth/mnet/auth.php/user_authorise on host http://elgg.onmy.domain" (I changed the URL)

This is true aswell for the normal user as it is for the adminuser. The Keys seem to be recognized, the Peerlinks working, but somehow the authetication fails aswell with the normal user, as with the admin.

If anyone has setup MNET for the current Versions of Elgg and Moodle, I would like to hear any hint, that might help me to setup my Elgg-Moodle-SSO.

best Fahl5

  • OK, this is solved since I checked in Moodle the sso-settings and made Moodle subscribe elgg-authentication and published service provider (in the settings of the elgg-peer in moodle).