seems that is a little out of sync, so i doxygen'ed v.1.8.B1 and uploaded to if any developers want to look up refs there. i will later upload as many known plugins there too for xrefs.

  • We have reference updating daily, but with recent server moves there might be a problem. I just checked and it seems to be working alright. What problem did you encounter? If you let me know I'll be able to fix it. has the latest for the upcoming 1.8 branch. always points to the most stable, which is currently 1.7.

  • Sometime last night the pages seemed to be empty when i had 'idly' browsed there -- could have been a browser hiccup maybe..

    Anyway - the DoxyGen xrefs I am doing at really to expand the 1.8 documentation to include known PlugIns (core and others) so that the PlugIns Doxy Xref can also be scanned alongside the Core code. I hope this will be of some use to developers.

    I might do the same for 1.7.X + PlugIns.

  • I used doxygen version to generate the doc for elgg1.8. But the output log likes below:


    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/cache.php:154: warning: Illegal command since as part of a \link

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/cache.php:156: warning: Illegal command include as part of a \link

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/cache.php:157: warning: Unexpected end of comment while inside link command


    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/elgglib.php:681: warning: Found unknown command `\tip'

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/elgglib.php:686: warning: Found unknown command `\tip'

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/elgglib.php:692: warning: Found unknown command `\tip'


    E:/develop/Elgg/documentation/stubs/config.php:301: warning: Found unknown command `\global'

    E:/develop/Elgg/documentation/stubs/config.php:264: warning: Found unknown command `\global'

    E:/develop/Elgg/documentation/stubs/config.php:278: warning: Found unknown command `\global'


    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/admin.php:489: warning: Found unknown command `\access'

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/admin.php:606: warning: Found unknown command `\access'

    E:/develop/Elgg/engine/lib/admin.php:328: warning: Found unknown command `\access'


    I read some part of the doxygen doc, and found the \link command should have \endlink to end.

    So I wanna know DhrupDeScoop how to solve the problem. Thanks!

  • i use 1.7.2 in winx & n/p`s at all here ;-)
    can't help much without sitting at yr pc
    2 look at yr scrn @ install & doxygen parms u r using ;(



  • There could be problems with our documentation. Is the doxygen run finishing for you?

    Also, 1.8 has some custom tags - we've looked into using PhpDoc instead of doxygen.

  • Yes, the doxygen finished the generation though prompt some errors. I think the keyword in the warning may be the custom tags. And now which is the better tool to generate the documentation for elgg 1.8+, PhpDoc or doxygen?