Help needed while creating a new theme!!!!

Hi to all,

I'm trying to create my own theme for elgg. Till now I have created my log in page which has a certain picture as a background. What I want to do is that after the loging in the background of the theme to be different than the login page.I tried to change the code in the views\default\page_elements.php and also the css.php but the changes in this files are applied in all pages in elgg. Can anyone help me how to do this?

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  • The best solution is to use different divs before and after logging in.

    Override the header_contents.php file with following code

    <?php if (isloggedin()){ ?>
    <div id="page_container">
    <?php } else {
    <div id="page_container_loggedout">
    <?php } ?>

     and add specific css for each

    #page_container {
        background:#ffffff url(path_to_background_image.jpg);
    #page_container_loggoedout {
        background:#4690d6 url(path_to_background_image.jpg);

  • Hi Team Webgalli , this is exactly what I did. Thanks a lot for the help!!! I was quite buissy this days working on this and thats why I'm replying now. Thanks to all for the help!!!! All best :D

  • hi , do you want to change CSS of all your elgg site ?

  • Yes, 

    in fact I want to create my own css without damiging/chaning the original css from Elgg, in away overwriting it. Does anyone knows how I can do that?