Installing ELGG goes wrong


I'm a very newbie at ELGG. I want to install ELGG to create a social network. I have ftp-ed ELGG to the server and replaces de settings and .htaccess files.

Does anyone know whats going wrong on my site and what I have to do?

Thanx a lot


  • "very newbie" ? forget those words ;-) you had better roll up your sleeves, get your brains into gear and learn quickly.. !

    1. Go to your CPanel and "delete" all the tables in the Elgg Database ( Yes I can see that you've tried to install Elgg more than 1 time ;-P )
    2. Then try to install again and if any errors - STOP, POST your error message/s here and maybe someone will help you more.. because I'm going to the kitchen to make coffee ;-oO


  • I have "delete" all tables in de Elgg database, then i tried to install again but the same problem does appear.


    Welcome to Elgg.

    There were a number of issues: Table '{{CONFIG_DBPREFIX}}access_collection_membership' already exists

    QUERY: CREATE TABLE `{{CONFIG_DBPREFIX}}access_collection_membership` (
    `user_guid` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `access_collection_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`user_guid`,`access_collection_id`)
    ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; Table '{{CONFIG_DBPREFIX}}access_collections' already exists

  • Nope - you did not do what was asked...;-) And you kinda should post all the exact steps you're taking if you wat more help - before my coffee gets cold ;-o

  • How can I delete the tables exactly? I thought that I did it.

    steps i have taken:

    -Download ELGG version 1.7.10
    - Unzipped the file
    - In Cpanel I made a database
    - ftp-ed to the server
    -  I made an directory named data
    - renamed the Settings en .htaccess files
    - In de settings.php i filled the data of the database

    I don't know what I have to do now

  • Login to your PhpMyAdmin, select the tables and drop them.

    Make sure your data folder has 775 or 777 permission if 775 doesn'twork and is outside the public_html directory.

    Let us know how it goes now.


    *why are you using FTP? You could simply upload the zip file of Elgg using the the filemanage on CPanel and then extract it. FTP would take longer time.

  • - renamed the Settings en .htaccess files
    - In de settings.php i filled the data of the database

    Check the Elgg installation instructions again.

    Install screen will ask you for Database details.

  • I have all of Elgg placed again on the server, so just at the begin:

    Now I get: (on

    Elgg requires a file called .htaccess to be set in the root directory of its installation. We tried to create it for you, but Elgg doesn't have permission to write to that directory.

    Creating this is easy. Copy the contents of the textbox below into a text editor and save it as .htaccess

    what to do now? 

  • I'm removed the elgg database and I installed first Joomla version 1.6.3. I've read on this forum that is it's possible to install elgg with joomla.

    When I will install J+Social I'm getting this error:

    JInstaller: :Installeren: Bestand bestaat niet /home/p33488/domains/
    Component installeren: Kan het PHP installatiebestand niet kopiëren.

  • @persmuskiet: I hoep you wouldn't find me harsh. I sincerely think you should spend a little more time LEARNING things before asking questions. It is difficult for most of the people here engaging themselves giving you step by step instruction in building your site.

    If you look for that, the professional group is always at your service.