Allowing Javascript (iframe, object, source) in elgg/tinymce

Hello.  Before anyone lectures me, I know the risks!  It is for a close elgg community.

Anyway, this site is very helpful and I am sort of new to php.  The help is great there is just not many people participating, but to those who are doing it all us newbs owe you gratitude and I hope to chime in when possible.

I would like to allow users to be able to put javascript code when they are using tinymce , whether it be pages or blogs (maybe even in the tinmce widget).  I found one person who found out to allow it to work in tinymce when editting, but it ould not let the javascript be posted and he did not know where in elgg it had to be edited.  If there is a forum on this, please forgive but I did not find the right one.. Does anyone know how to allow iframe, srouce, object elements in elgg?