Problem with LDAP authentication plugin

Hi all,

I started a Elgg projet in a company and i already made work a local server with Elgg but i need to implement the

LDAP authentication plugin

So i download it , put it in the mod directory and go to the administration tools page with my admin account .

All works , i see ldap_auth plugin and i press enable then i have a message in red which says :

"ldap_auth is a misconfigured plugin.It has been disabled.Please search the Elgg wiki for possible causes(  "

And then le plugin is disabled.

Sorry for my english and if anyone could help that would be great .

Thanxs and if there is another plugin for ldap auth please link it to me.


  • Did you check the wiki? Do a search there on misconfigured plugin?

    Here is the latest:

  • Hi Maher,

    I got the same error, when I put the whole "ldap_auth"-folder in the mod-directory.

    If you still find another "ldap_auth"-folder inside the one in your mod-directory, than this will be the reason of the "misconfiguration". So just use the ldap_auth-folder inside the unzipped ldap_auth-folder. At least this is what made the error about the "misconfigured plugin" disapeare.