Bug fix 0.8.2

Sorry for posting another release a day after the last one, but I received several useful bug reports and I had time to fix the issues today.

The main issue was that required fields for content forms were broken. These are now working again.

I've also added some protection against the metadata case bug mentioned here:


(this is listed as an "enhancement" but since Elgg does not currently preserve the case of metadata when it is saved, it can cause lots of strange behaviour in plugins)

I may have accidentally left a debugging statement in extended profile views in the last release  (not sure, but this release definitely does not have it.)

  • Hi Kevin,

    seems to work despite calendar. Will have a closer look to it tomorrow. Many thanks for your quick help! I appreciate that and your plugin as well. hope curcerider can fiix metadata probs with next release.

    Best regards

  • Kevin, this is not exactly a bug, but could you invoke an empty view in your plugin in the files that are being invoked by include_once or register_once? This would allow to extend your plugin's form fields with another plugins without hacks - by extend_view().

    The files I know about are:

    • form/form.php (line 19),
    • flexgroupprofile/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php (beginning)
    • flexgroupprofile/views/default/groups/groupprofile.php (beginning)

    I'd be very gratefull for this help.

    Also... this is a great plugin. As usuall :-)

  • Hi Vazco,

    I'm happy to make this plugin more extensible - I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do this.

    Could you give more details on what you would use these views for?

  • Hello Kevin,

    I'd like to add additional custom fields in this view. Something like:


        //output view


    Maybe there's a better way to do this I didn't think about though.

    The plugin I want to implement is here:


    (this one works with form plugin 0.7, and google-gmaps 0.90, and is still in beta. Today or on monday I plan to release it's newer version, compatible with forms 0.82 and google-maps 0.92)

  • Ah, in that case you might want to look at the


    function in mod/form/models/model.php

    I also create new specialised field types for clients and often find it more convenient to add those in a separate plugin. I use form_custom_field_type_manager() for that.

    Please take a look at that function. If it is not enough, I'm happy to add more code to make things more extensible.

  • Oops, sorry I misread your message.

    I see that you already mentioned that function.

    Why could you not call it in your own plugin?

    The form models are included in mod/form/start.php

    so those functions are available to any plugin.

  • Ah, you're right! I wrongly assumed it won't work if I invoke it in start and not in view. One of 'those' mistakes... ;) Thanks.

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Form and related plugins

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