Color Line Help?!?

Color Help?!?!?

OKay so I've done some color tweaking...did some great things and messed up some things ..i need to know which line to fix it on elgg core. If you want to see what Im exactly talking about my website a diamond in the rough..very rough


1)txt is in white under avatar and profile information..
2)Use.r name is in White

Login Page:

1)Lastest groups names are white. I want to change that cause u cant see name.
2)Newest members...whole drop down menu is white..need to change the txt color.

What line do u go to change the color of txt in subcribe,report,bookmark in groups.

Tag colors are same color as background..i want txt darker.

TXT color needs changing for lastest dicussions the title of the post.

thank you all so've been very helpful. :) so i do appreciate ne one who can help me with this

  • 1. Your link gives 404 error.

    2. Use the Firebug add-on to locate the CSS classes and ids which reside inside the core css.php file or the plugin folder views [Leaving hint, find yourself. Don't ask for the the precise path as I won't give you ... make some effort yourself and learn things.]

    3. Changing the core is not recommened. Instead, create a new template plugin and change the default view of Elgg. [Again, leaving a hint. Do a little bit of research if you have to.]

  • I'm sorry i gave the wrong website.




    I have backed up the original core...


    and i am trying to learn..i dont ask random questions without trying things first


    second of all..i dont know how to make template plugin hence thats why i edited the core.


    third you didnt have to have an attitude with me.

  • I think this is the kind of thing Shouvik was talking about elgg-plugin-template I tweek the core too at times with a backup handy like you. As soon as I see the results. I quickly restore my core then make the change to the approate plugin. 


  • thanks steve..i will check it out

  • egh..plugin template will not work with my elgg..1.7.8...must be a conflicting plugins or something i dunno

  • might be it is old but it is a start on how to build a plugin. Another way is to grab a theme that looks simple, then concentrate on that theme's css. You could copy the core css in your new test theme's css or empty your test's css and bring over the changes you made in the core. Basicly anything in an enabled (working) plugin will overide the core. This makes upgrading the latest elgg core easy.