photo tagging

Hello there, first sorry for my bad english.. I have example here and I hope you can help me with this.

userA tagged a photo to userB, then userB want to delete the tagged, but unfortunately only userA can delete the tagged photo of userB.

-I want to happen is just like facebook, the user in the tagged picture can delete him/herself in the tagged photo.

I think the "tidypics/action/deletetag" file is need to be modify, But I dont know how? Anyone can help me with this situation? Thanks! :)

  • nope - i not done custom code for this b4.. just happen to know how the curr code behaves -- no leeway for grabbing the user being tagged - but that user's data is avail at that time.. it's just that the code you're seeking is missing from that spot and so related actions such as deleting that tag b/c i don't wanna be 'tagged' -- no code to do that ;( if u r game enuff -- roll up yr sleeves * and trouser cuffs and get ready for some not trivial code work.... n good luck ;-o