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Hi there

I'm trying to find out some plugins to help me with my elgg website (a social network similar to linkedin) and i've found 2 great plugins:




The point is, as a new release in comming up, the old versions of this plugins are not avaiable to dowload at the moment in the community. I would like to ask if someone could provide me some of the old versions of those plugins if possible.


Thank you in advance




  • @joriga, you have not been watching closely the advancement of my work on Elgg and the reasons why my plugins have disappeared. That's because of people like you and the notions like yours.

    I do not sell plugins, I sell my time and support. Read carefully.

    @Brett, I've exhausted my arguments on that one. Good luck.

  • re joriga - I agree with joiriga's discuss about "you aren't good business man". I work in the entertainment industry. Artists are not good business people. I see the same is true for developers. Yet, here, it's doubly hard, business is frowned up. Developers are afraid to step on someone's toes, they simply do what they can to get a little notice. 

    Everyone knows Brett. He's the man. He's appreciated. Work will come his way. But for anyone new trying to make it in this community, forget it. Sidebar: For me though, I would never have known that he freelances, or I might have thrown work his way. I just figured he had his hands full with core development. It would have been nice if I could have known the truth.

    Why can't we that want to do business with developers have a way of doing it? I don't care where it's at. Everytime I want to move forward, it feels like I'm a sinner. This ain't good for the future of this product. Fix it.

  • I think there has been enough discussion on this and it is very very clear that Elgg will never support commercialsation of their project. So, the developers here will never be allowed to host paid plugins.


    But, people here need to understand that the developers who code for free spend several hours coding for nothing. So, even if the recognition they deserve to get from the members is taken away, there is no reson to "waste" those hours developing for people who don't deserve it.

    It is a fact that Elgg would never have been what it is now without its top notch developers like ihayredinov, Mike, Kevin, Jerome, Dhrup .. and many more.

    Like the Elgg team, the individual developers do need money to pay their rent. If the downloaders cannot show the the support neither by donating a single USD [1000 downloads X 1USD = good enough to code more and release newer and more sophisticated versions] each or keeping the link-back to the site of the developer on the plugins, eventually the developers will feel exhausted coding for Elgg and the community will be deprived of some pretty fancy plugins.


    It is not like making the donation mandatory and turn it into a "buy" button. But, the users also need to wake up to realise and appreciate the contribution made by the developers here and stop asking questions on how to remove the back-links or DEMAND updates etc.

    If the users here become a little more friendly towards the developers, Elgg could be a better place to find solutions for your "perfect" site.

  • I sincerely hope that these are the last few words on this sensitive topic. The likes of IHhayredinov, Mike Vazco, Kevin Jardine, Brett Profitt, Jerome Dalsem, at al at al have done so much brilliant work. I reckon that (apart from Kevin J) I gotta be the oldest, most experienced in the world of Computing Science within the Elgg community, having coded my first program in in 1972, studied hard-core college Comp Sci Bachelors, Masters and Business Degrees.

    These people just named are pretty brilliant at what they have done and are doing with Elgg. I knows so b/c I have seen this IT stuff for almost 1/2 a century. Sometimes inexperienced bozo-like young'uns of the ilke of Joriga will come out of nowhere, never having posted anything on Elgg Comm, never having publically coded single line of PHP code for the Elgg Comm and basically open sensitive topics, cut wounds and generally hurt the good nature of all the good development people on Elgg Core Team and PlugIns authors in the name of "businessmanship critique".

    Why do the Elgg Admins let him who has not coped a single line in PHP nor in English cast the stones ? He was just looking for a fight like any other lay-about.

    Please people and I hope the Admin(s) close this topic. Enough people have been hurt.

    I will open up my true business **consortium sometime soon for Elgg work as well as other popular platforms. I hope to see active developers find that site, join , talk, code, and generally make clients happy so that the GPL freebies can also keep flowing for the "common good".


  • I support the notion of closing down this discussion, as well as urge the admins to eliminate such discussions in the future. I think everything has been said, and there is very little to discuss. I do think the admins should distinguish between contributors and leeches, and not allow for such discussions or hints thereof to be take place.

    These past few weeks cost me a lot of energy and nerves, and every time I come to check my messages on this community, I get utterly pissed off. I assume that's not one of the prerequisites for an open source community.

  • Agreed. This discussion has outlived its usefulness and is encouraging a hostile environment. ihayredinov said he has no issue with people sharing his old releases, so if someone can help FoZi out I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

    Thread closed.

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