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Hi there

I'm trying to find out some plugins to help me with my elgg website (a social network similar to linkedin) and i've found 2 great plugins:




The point is, as a new release in comming up, the old versions of this plugins are not avaiable to dowload at the moment in the community. I would like to ask if someone could provide me some of the old versions of those plugins if possible.


Thank you in advance




  • Joriga - ¿A qué mundo viene usted? ¿Es usted el conseguir comida gratis no? Me gustaría vivir en su país si la comida es gratis y el alquiler es gratuito y de código;-) Elgg Plugin es gratis;-P

  • Jaja... comida gratis :P
    The problem here, is not if this guy offer him plugin for free or not, the problem is the way, the idea, the business sence. ;) 
    Forget this discussion., ok.
    Everyone has the right to do business
  • I did a plugin to do a lot of money, it really prints every kind of money!... but I still don't decide if to give it for free or no :-)lol

  • Just for clarification, Elgg has not been supported by Curverider for a while now. All development effort has been volunteer work.

  • @Joriga, with all due respect, I do not run a charity here. The trade off is simple - either I make money and continue the development, or abandon it completely and move on to a different platform where I can make money. I am in the process of identifying the best business model that is suitable for Elgg, and is fair to everyone involved. The code is my creation, algorithms within the code are a product of sleepless nights, and even thought it's based on an open-source Elgg code, I still expect my time to be respected and paid for. 

    You should keep in mind that there are overhead costs involved even when I work with an open source code: I have to pay my taxes, social security and insurance, I need to pay my office rent, I have to pay for my servers, software, depreciation costs, and not the least I have to pay for my internet connection and phone line. Unfortunately, noone is subsidizing these expenses - it's a natural course of doing a business, even though it's a freelance business.

    Just be grateful for what's out there, and don't complain. 

    I am used to paying for things I need. If Elgg decides to charge a fee, I am happy to pay it, because I realize how much work goes into it and there are natural business expenses you can not eliminate.

    There is no such thing as a free product - it's a basic concept of economic theory. If a product is free it means it has been paid for by other means. Until I figure out those other means, you will have to live with the decisions I make. 

    You should realize that you do not represent the entire community here. Voicing such strong opinions do not help you, neither they do the community. With such discussions you leave me no choice but to remove my plugins from the community - I have done that once, and ready to do that again. If you can not learn respect for my decisions, I would much rather go elsewhere and do work in a medium where my time and effort are appreciated.

  • Ismayil, I hope you will find a solution that will allow you to live from Elgg. I was in your situation over a year ago and I had the same problem with people like Joriga (eg. this page). Now I find over 50% of our effort directed to projects not related to Elgg. Due to anti-business approach of community and foundation, it's practically impossible to live from pure Elgg development as a company. There are a few platforms much more friendly to developers.

    In my opinion, this approach is a huge loss of potential.

  • re: ihayredinov - ditto. I agree 100%
    re: Mike (vazco) - ditto. I agree 100%

    Coming from over 40 years business and development and entrepreneurial experience, I'm HAPPY to pay and support developers. I've found many free plugins are, more often than not, buggy and poorly supported. In truth, I also find elgg itself with these same traits. On the other hand, I find ihayredinov approach not only refreshing but from a business standpoint extreme appealing. Not only does he turn out exceptional product but he offers top not support and quick service. Further, in truth, I would have been long gone from elgg if it wasn't for developers like ihayredinov and Mike (vazco) and others.

    I'm not here for the fun of it. This is not a hobby. It's strictly a business relationship. If anyone expects elgg to grow and prosper, you are fooling yourself if you think  it will continue to do so as a fully free service. I've been here since version .9. And since there has been many model changes, most all because someone, somewhere realized "we need to make a living". And sadly, I've seen many extremely talented folks disappear. I remember some time back I asked how I could help financially, and the answer was that I couldn't. Over time I began seeing the request for donations re various methods. So, even that has changed. Even elgg needs dollars.

    I have not been able to launch any of my sites. Elgg has not been a worthy source. Even now, I continue to run into new bugs almost daily and continue to be leary. That said, ihayredinov, is helping convince me I'm on the right track. In all honesty, not too many others have been able to do that. With a little luck, I hope to launch 2 sites within the coming weeks, and lots more in the days to follow. Without the paid developers I wouldn't even consider it.

    With success, I will financially donate back to the elgg. I encourage others to do the same. Believe me, without it, we're all dead in the water. For every seemingly successful free service, I can offer a thousand upon a thousand failures. The smart ones cash out.

    Enjoy. Be friends. Pay the piper.



  • I'd like to remind everyone that this site is a community for Elgg as free and open source project. It is not meant to be a business solution or an advertising service. I agree that good development should be rewarded, so we are planning to provide a free portfolio service on this site for active developers who contribute to the community in a positive way. The details of that are still being worked out.

    If you're not comfortable working within an open source project or don't understand the philosophies behind open source, please contact me and I'll be happy to explain why we're taking certain actions. If you're in open source for the money, you're in for the wrong reason.

    On a more personal note, 100% of my livelihood comes from freelancing on Elgg-based projects. None of my income comes from the work I do for Elgg core, the Elgg Foundation, or any other volunteer work I do for the sites. It is possible to make a living on Elgg development without using this site as an advertising service.

  • ihayredinov, Mike


    i think that you are a good programmer, but you aren't good business man, why?

    1 - The start of this discusion "The ecompanies plugin"

    You did put this plugin over the elgg community and github, nice and very useful plugin, but, from the nothing, you delete the download source and no more way to ask you something about this plugin. Imagine the people that did trust in your work and your plugin.

    Is not the same, if a see a plugin that cost U$250,... ok, i will pay for it if i need it, but is other thing see a free plugin, download it, use it, track the bugs, but tomorow, from nothing, is a paid plugin with no support or way to contact the programmer and now as a paid plugin.

    Do you understand me?

    The problem, is not the money, its ok that you win money for your work, but, as Brett said "without using this site as an advertising service" offering something first for free and later paid.

    This is a no end discussion, so, let's forget this and continue with our work :)


  • Wake up.

    "Elgg Supporters


    "Are you an individual or organization who uses and likes Elgg? Consider becoming an official supporter of the Elgg project. With only $50 per year for individuals or $150 per year for organizations, you can help the Elgg project.

    "Elgg supporters are listed below unless requested not to be. If you would like to become an Elgg supporter, please read the disclaimer to the left, subscribe via PayPal, and send an email to confirming the date you subscribed and the relevant details for your level (these can be found on the tables below). Once all the details have been received, we will add you to the appropriate list. Thanks for your support!"

    This is not advertising? This is not business? Prosperous nonprofits know how to help their organizations (businesses) exist and grow through sponsorships (advertising).

    <If you're not comfortable working within an open source project or don't understand the philosophies behind open source, please contact me>

    Completely comfortable, with more than just a passing fancy. Unfortunately, too many, with excellent technology and purpose, and too often, have gone to their graves.

    <It is possible to make a living on Elgg development without using this site as an advertising service.>

    The world is passing us by. Get past it and watch elgg grow far beyond what any of us can imagine.

    I'll say, then let it rest, business, advertising and promotions are not bad words.

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