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Hi there

I'm trying to find out some plugins to help me with my elgg website (a social network similar to linkedin) and i've found 2 great plugins:




The point is, as a new release in comming up, the old versions of this plugins are not avaiable to dowload at the moment in the community. I would like to ask if someone could provide me some of the old versions of those plugins if possible.


Thank you in advance




  • would be really nice if some who downloaded could share...

  • Peter M

    I do believe that you need to either contact the author or go to his plugin hosting site for those plugins rather than expecting to bypass the developer's intentions and good work. Now that would be nice from you.

  • Hi guys... well, actually i just did that post after contacting the developer (he was the first one i've talked to) and i've posted the message here due to a suggestion of him ;)

    Anyway if someone could share it i would appreciate ;)


  • I am honestly too lazy to dig through my svn to find older releases, so if anyone wants to share any of my plugins via email, please feel free to do so.

  • I'm also looking for these plugins. If someone can provide to version 1.7, we would appreciate.

  • With all due respect, for what, do you do a plugin "open source" if, after he was removed from the network as elgg, github, or your "svn" and you say "i am lazy," and put it as payment? Better not do anything!

    Imagine Elgg project going paid like your plugins..........


  • Joriga, that's not for you to decide. Noone is forcing you to pay for anything. You either want it or not. I value my time, and I am not going to waste it on people like you, who want everything for free. Maybe by making people pay, I will teach them some respect. Bugger off.

  • LoL, are you talking about people that want all for free, when your "work" is over a ENTIRE FREE social network PHP script?
    PD: If you want respect, do your own Social Network Script with own plugins ;)
  • Joriga That dosen't make sence. The elgg paltform is not free it is here by the good graces of curverider. What a dev does with their property is not your concern. I don't think you can get any more or less respect from being a developer on any given project. Respect is earned from the quality delivered no mater the project. 

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