I am having some plugin/site problems...

Hi! I am having these problems:


1. I try to move the complete own elgg site with filezilla to my own domain, and nothing works. I even tried mounting the elgg site in to a html or htm file, but when I upload the html or htm file with filezilla, the url works only with the login page.

2. What is php_gd library and how do I install, enable, or create it? I need it for the captcha plugin!

3. System email addresses don't work. Why? I already have the domain url, its virtual control panel, xampp, phpmyadmin, mailboxes etc. but nothing works?


I'm so confused, and stressed out, because I don't know how do I really upload my own whole elgg site with filezilla to my domain url (I do have the ftp address, username, password and port).


I hope you will answer as soon as possible.



  • I'm no expert, but this could be a starting point. Maybe the database you are using on your remote host is not the same as those on your local one. My remote host prefixes databases and usernames.

    Try checking that the Engline/settings.php match your database configuration.

    Have you copied your local database to your remote host?

    I could be wrong. I installed Elgg by loading all the files via Filezilla and then followed the setup screens. Don't forget to add a data folder and add the path accordingly.


  • Here are some instructions howto move a site:


    Have you follwed these steps? If not you might find the step you need to do to get your site working.

  • php_gd is a php module. If it's not installed on your server you should ask the support guys of your webhoster if they can install it. It depends on your server configuration how to actually install it. Maybe Apache needs to be recompiled. Or maybe the php_gd package can just be added.

    With email sending/receiving it also depends on your server setup. Is it a shared server, VPS server or something like that? Then I would assume that your hoster would also setup an email server for you to use. Otherwise, you might need to configure the email server also via the control panel of the server. Or maybe the server is already running and you only have to configure a mail account in the control panel.

    I would advice to first get the email account going before installing Elgg as you should provide a site email address for the site admin account.

    Don't get too stressed out! I'm sure every problem can be solved - one after the other. :)

  • There's a discussion about someone having a terrible time trying to get Elgg to work on a free host. Free hosts may not be so accommodating as a paid host.

  • TSFI

    Now I added/uploaded .htaccess and htaccess_dist files to my domain, but when I go to http://mydomain.com/upgrade.php, it says 500 - Internal Server Error. It happens always when I upload the htaccess files. And when I delete them, the 500 error is gone, but I can't install elgg, because elgg says that I need the .htaccess file. Also, I don't really understand that "duplicate installation thing", because it says that I have to do something with the var/www or var/data folder but I don't have them/know where are those folders.

  • @TFSI:

    The 500 error when you upload a .htaccess file most likely is because the Apache module mod_rewrite is not installed on your server - ask your support to do that. If mod_rewrite is indeed installed and you still get this error, the parameter "AllowOverride All" may needs to be set in Apache's configuration (http.conf) for the Elgg root directory. Again ask your support to do that.

    The instructions how to move a site give these instructions with these folders as examples. Of course, these folders can be different in every case and you need to adjust them depending on your installation. But the instructions will give you a list of steps to follow in any case for the site move to work.

  • TSFI

    Ok, now I understand. But since the beggining of building elgg site, I am trying to search some age limit plugins or creating one like that, but why there is no age limit plugins, or how do I make one? I want my elgg site to be only for teens aged 13-19, so the minimum age would be 13 and maximum 19. I am not age racist, I just want to create a community for TEENS only.