My experience with v1.8beta1

i want to congratulate the elgg team for this new v1.8beta1. It has some flexibility.i did not see much improvement on the number of plugin made available by default.I think it is necessary to add those plugins that are commonly requested for. e.g video player(because izap is not working for most people), friend contact importer

mp3 player: It is better now in v1.8, it plays on any browser, but i think the uploader of any file, video or audio should be given an option to decide if the upload is downloadable or just playable on site.

  • Smith

    Dear Evan

    I tried to ask permission to publish the data I collected in the survey, but I was not granted. The Italian bureaucracy is lousy. I'm sorry. I will make sure that the next study is published, I will do everything possible.

  • Smith


    I'll give you my congratulations on the number of users who have reached ... not bad.
    You're right to say that users do not import the technical aspects of the site, this is true, but they perceive it! infact, users do not ask how a search engine works,they just type the letter B to find their friend Bill in less than a second. When you use the toilet drain, I do not think you start to think about how it works technically, you do not care, I hope.

    So, the users, it is true that they do not think about how these services work, but it is also true that it is enthusiastic about innovative services, better, more efficient and faster that they should not think, because it is their duty, but is the task of creative accomplish things that no one would have imagined as the first feed of the activities in facebook.

    The feed was an invention that we all know real doubt inspired by something, but in the context in which he found himself was one of the powerful weapons that have made facebook ... that is their invention, not an invention of Elgg.

    I'm trying to forget the facebook home and its recent activities, not because I do not like, even as I said it was a great invention, because the home is so simple, clear, immediate and inviting that is really hard to give the same information in a different way. It seems to be the best way.

    We have to change the system completely, also well the social network of 2.0 was found, we must explore new technologies and new ways to improve the world, not for us to compete with us or on facebook, it's pretty useless to create what has already been created, it can only be a personal entertainment but it can not succeed as a technological invention or innovative idea simply because it is not.

    If we want to do the social network of the future, then we begin to think forward 20 years might be like, we use the imagination, and then of course we'll ask, how the hell do I do that, you can not have the technology to do it! , well, then it must be designed, developed and implemented in the idea, I believe that after, you have just to wait for the phone calls from the largest companies of the Internet industry.

  • Smith

    Ultimately, I want to say to Elgg, who did a great job, and I am 100% sure that you have made ​​an enormous ass, I saw the amount of code written, and although I'm no expert, did a job that is a lot. What I regret is all this work is based only on past and present, we find ourselves today with results that others have obtained several years ago, and now these same people are improving for the future, and maybe we'll get to 2 or 3 years what they do today, even if it were, it would just be a continuous copy of what already exists, not worth it ... just a great idea and you can make billions to spread around the world .. . we must think seriously about something that can pales facebook employees and they will say, <we've never seen anything like that> think about it,  is it hard?

  • It is rare for me to chime in on such topics, here or anywhere for that matter. However, it pains me to see such dialogue in volume from a limiting perspective.

    The reality of Elgg and any tool or technology is that the creative viability of it's application is more a function of those that weild it than of the tool itself.

    The concept of mapping human behavior to technology in the form of social metaphor was old long before grasped and marketed by any of the existing social network platforms.  Credit is given to those that have the insight and vision to construct and map these concepts effectively to address a given need.

    This platform, and many others in the FOSS community provide more insight and vision that most can absorb and appropriately communicate in 503,248 word, let alone the space available to post online with reasonable consideration for the forum in use (or timeouts imposed).

    An artists paint brush in the hands of an average 5 year old is no more effective at manifesting creative works than the canvas Elgg provides for those that lack appropriate vision, insight, creativity or skill sets to apply them. Add to that the creative vision of tools provided by those artists that make up this community and you have a strong collection of colors to choose from to render your art.

    What it looks like when your finished is a function of the artist and the ability to learn from other artists within the spaces they frequent.

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