My experience with v1.8beta1

i want to congratulate the elgg team for this new v1.8beta1. It has some flexibility.i did not see much improvement on the number of plugin made available by default.I think it is necessary to add those plugins that are commonly requested for. e.g video player(because izap is not working for most people), friend contact importer

mp3 player: It is better now in v1.8, it plays on any browser, but i think the uploader of any file, video or audio should be given an option to decide if the upload is downloadable or just playable on site.

  • Smith

    Prajwal, i don't think so..

    Elgg cannot go faster than facebook, because it is not optimized, the core profile is very slow with widgets...every time you load a page, it takes at last one or two seconds with other plugins...

    Prajwal i'am not stupid

    Facebook has the fastest servers on the planet, and has a lot engineers that works on servers and performance of the site...

    But, facebook technology is OLD...we have to thing something new and ideas...



    2. NEW IDEA

    we're running after something that already exists ... with all these plugins do not do nothing but bring us closer to what already exists and is better simply because they have billions of dollars and we do not.
    So why do all this work?
    Would not it be better to have one good idea and work on that?
    Would not it be better to develop a Technology of the future instead of wasting time on hundreds of plugins that will not lead to anything?

    With all due respect to you all, I think this is the key to success, there is no point in creating what has already been created by someone else ... you need to create what does not exist to be successful ... but if the success does not interest anybody, then you're on the right track.

  • Yeah I must agree with smith, too many people are making or remaking plugins for the riverdashboard. Nothing new to present to elgg and especially no creativity.

  • Y'All ! Elgg *is as fast as that FB.. Believe me - I run the largest-ever Elgg-based SocNet web-site in the entire Galaxy ;-) Creativity has always been an inherent component of Elgg. That is how it was created, how it grew and how it is today..  My users do not complain about Web2, Web3 features, real-time response, etc and other technical aspects. They are too busy having fun ;) I have - for my Elgg site setup a FeedBack Group where members can post their comments, critique and requests for features and it seems to be working quite well as the registrations whizzed past 200,000 users and now we're gazing at 1/4 million users soon. Thanks to Elgg's power on extensisibilty.

  • @DhrupDeScoop dont ever compare your 200,000++ user to facebook. We all know FB has a half  billion++ users.  

  • Peter M

    @Mr Elgg.101- How many users do you have on your own Elgg-based Web-Site ?? or are you simply just unfairly attacking Mr Scoop ? I believe he does run the largest Elgg-based Web-Site ;-) nobody else comes close..

  • What's the sense in "real-time page reloads" everywhere? Are you looking at profile pages of members for hours to see if they post something new? Maybe they are not even logged in all the time. I don't see much of a difference between Elgg and Facebook regarding real-time features, if you have a riverdashboard plugin with auto-updates installed (and maybe a plugin that polls for new messages regularly). In Facebook you also see nothing else but an activity stream of friends, groups, apps etc.

    I think you move around dynamically on an Elgg site, from profile to blogs, to groups, to new pics / videos / etc. So, the pages are loaded on-time when you call them and you see what's new precicely then. Why waste a lot of server resources? You might consider that while Facebook surely is much larger than any Elgg site and surely has much more server power available it's still just 1 single social network site and the server capacity can be adjusted more easily to the needs. On the other hand each Elgg site has it's own server for hosting. So, if you want real-time updates everywhere and all these eye-candy features maybe even implemented in core, you would need quite a lot server power for each single site ($$$) - you have to keep in mind that you need the resources for peaks of visitors mainly.

  • @Smith, did you publish a paper with your findings on the usability study? I'd love to read the details.

  • Mind you Facebook is extremely slow. And it's persistent conflicts with Chrome make it a nightmare to use.

  • Thanks 2 you all.Such a discussion i relevant to enable our family sort things out.I see a globally proven platform in ELGG.There's future for this community, thumbs up to the initiators and administrators. We need just the best smith noted, what users want in sites these days is chat, pictures, videos, comments, and other utility features which should be the main focus in elgg. Elgg is fast, my site is still coming up,I have to get all these features running before I start a broad based campaign for it.

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