My experience with v1.8beta1

i want to congratulate the elgg team for this new v1.8beta1. It has some flexibility.i did not see much improvement on the number of plugin made available by default.I think it is necessary to add those plugins that are commonly requested for. e.g video player(because izap is not working for most people), friend contact importer

mp3 player: It is better now in v1.8, it plays on any browser, but i think the uploader of any file, video or audio should be given an option to decide if the upload is downloadable or just playable on site.

  • Hi, kxx4,

    Thanks for the feedback. Our main goal with 1.8 was improving theming, not adding features.  If you'd like to see some features added to core in future versions, perhaps the best place to argue your case is in the Community Action group. Thanks again.

  • @evan:how do i navigate to that group

  • Smith

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  • i think elgg 1.8 don't have a dashboard like the other versions... 

  • Smith

    I think, to have a basic interface in real time is much more important than having a nice colorful graphics. Unfortunately I am not a programmer, otherwise I would have immediately provided to this improvement.

    Today, many sites use the real-time, and it works!

    I conducted a small usability study on various sites and approximately 900 users of different ages ...

    90% of these users expect it appeared the new message, or the new recent activity without having to click on "update" button on the browser or change the page...

    This means that a site, especially social networks, must have at least this aspect, not to copy other sites, but to simplify the user experience ...

    80% of users do not care about the graphics of a social networking site.
    What most interested are:

    - People who are connected to the site
    - The content published by these people (photo, video, etc...)
      The easy-to find the sections and subsections of the site through its interface
    - The speed of changing site pages
    - The ability to read the updates or a new message without having to press F5 or refresh the page every time.

    This is not a criticism or indirect request of functionality to Elgg, is simply one of my small study of usability.

  • @ smith, elgg completes most of the things that you posted.
    1. It loads faster than facebook and 10 times faster than orkut :)
    2. It is easy to find everything in elgg.
    and people connection is depends on the person & admin,

  • Real-time activity is possible. But, could draw some more cpu resources.


    Thank you very much for posting the study reports!

  • Smith

    Shouvik Mukherjee, all is possible...

    I know that real-time activity is possible...but it's old...elgg needs real time on the entire interface... can you uderstand...

    Can you provide this? what's your price?

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