we got company!

hi everyone,

i just visited an open source social networking platform , which is just like elgg. they have the most features that elgg has and also some features that elgg don't.

it's name is Oxwall.org , it has the same things like forum , users can upload the plugins. etc etc, it just looks like some modified version of elgg.looks like someone copied the same things from elgg. i don't know about security coding etc etc.

whatever i'm happy with elgg :)

  • Ok thanks, I found it. :) I will try this tomorrow.

  • also make sure the framework is above the forum plugin on your plugins list


  • If your are in doubt to choose between Oxwall and Elgg then must read Lucky Bhumkar's Blog

  • But one thing I have experienced was the admin panel with not so flexible interface, you have to change the order of content or plugins by pressing up and down button for adjustment. Whereas Oxwall has very simple drag 'n' drop interface.

    I see you spent a lot of time working on it then... ;)

  • @Laxmikant Bhumkar, Oxwall seems decent and another potential choice but in looking I notice that many of the plugins are not free (as in beer) where as most Elgg plugins are free (as in beer).  Also I'm not sure it's fair to say

    but if you ride on it's plugins section named 'most downloaded plugins' are having no updated since past 1500 days.

    That might be true for all the plugins overall but I know that most of the plugins I personally use have almost all been updated within the last year.  Many have updates within the last month.  And I haven't checked that list but maybe it's including only older versions because they have been the most downloaded rather than the most recent versions as they have less downloads?

    Plugins do seem to be Elgg's greatest weakness (as well as it's greatest strength).  And Elgg could use more developers but that's almost always the case with FOSS which is freely given.  The user community is supposed to try to contribute in some way where possible (it's optional) and that is the true "price" of the software per the social contract.  But overall I think Elgg is running pretty strong from my experience.  Not perfect and not without some papercuts but it's definitely usable on a production site even without major modifications.  But I'm just a user who knows Elgg a bit.  I've never tried Oxwall.