we got company!

hi everyone,

i just visited an open source social networking platform , which is just like elgg. they have the most features that elgg has and also some features that elgg don't.

it's name is Oxwall.org , it has the same things like forum , users can upload the plugins. etc etc, it just looks like some modified version of elgg.looks like someone copied the same things from elgg. i don't know about security coding etc etc.

whatever i'm happy with elgg :)

  • I wanted to post a reply, and I was looking for the reply box, I could not find it, I checked if I was logged in, and I was, then I realised I had to join the group to be able to post here.

    Here is my problem, I am new to elgg, I wanted an open source social networking engine with great user support, and elgg seemed to be the right choice, but problem started when I wanted to have site wide user forums where everyone could join the conversation.

    There are some forum plugins but they are quite buggy and don't really do what I want. For the last couple of days, I have been trying to integrate Vanilla forums with elgg. No luck. There is a plugin for version 1.7 which is now discontinued. Then there is another plugin for elgg 1.8 which uses proxyconnect, but I visited vanilla web site and they say you should use jsconnect instead of proxyconnect. I posted on the forum but the last post was 75 days ago. I am not sure if I can get help. The lack of decent forums in elgg is a serious problem. I am no expert, it is just an outsider's view. I cannot imagine a social network without forums. 

    Today I visited Oxwall web site and in their demo they have Forums page and it seems to be OK. So tonight I am going to try out oxwall. See what happens. 

  • Can you use the Groups as a forum? Just create an open group

  • Hi Mark, I can try but I want to rename my groups into city based communities and create subgroups. I am not sure if using groups could be a solution. Bacause I would like to have a forum for everyone regardless of which city they live in, and then city based forums where only people who live in a city can participate.

    Is this why a decent forum plugin was never developed? Because you can use the groups for this purpose?

  • hype forum is a great plugin if you dont mind the fact it takes a framework to run.  if you do decide to use it make sure you download the latest version (1.8.6) from github, it has major improvements from 1.8.5

  • I tried to install Hypforum, I get this error message when I install the latest available version on elgg site. "This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info."

    When I tried to download the version 1.86 from github it still gives me same version available on elgg web site. So Hypeforum is supposed to be good, but can I intall it?

    I am begining to understand why elgg frustrated some people.

  • Did you read what the dependencies were and install those dependencies?

  • My apoligies, yes you are right without activating Hypframework, you cannot activate Hypeforum. Stupid newbie! :)

  • After activating Hypeforum, I get the following error, is that normal? :

    Server Error

    The website encountered an error while retrieving http://ozgurpolat.com/elgg/admin. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
  • unless i missed a recent update to hypeforum on elgg, version 1.8.6 is only available on github.  make sure  you are download it from the right branch on github.  the 1.8.6 branch and not the master.  so goes with the framework