we got company!

hi everyone,

i just visited an open source social networking platform , which is just like elgg. they have the most features that elgg has and also some features that elgg don't.

it's name is Oxwall.org , it has the same things like forum , users can upload the plugins. etc etc, it just looks like some modified version of elgg.looks like someone copied the same things from elgg. i don't know about security coding etc etc.

whatever i'm happy with elgg :)

  • I noticed oxwall a few months back. Seems ok, but still not as versatile as elgg in my opinion.

  • I noticed oxwall as well. It is extremely similar to Elgg. I mean the looks, the feel... it was odd.

    Nevertheless, most of the people I ran into prefer Elgg over any other social platform. =)

  • One of their powers is they have repository for commercial plugins. So far it's too young platform to compete with Elgg though. There are not enought plugins, not enought members and code is still not mature.

  • I looked it over too...the few plug ins have little description and there seem to be very few active members posting any helpful information...documentation is very sparse too.  The only way to be sure of how any of it works would be to try it and figure it out yourself.

  • one thing I tested in oxwall And like is that the facebook login actually works with no work around. It pulls out all the info and everything.

  • I first came across this project in 2009 - even before I found Elgg - when I was searching for an alternative hoster for a social network at Ning. Back then they had promised to release the source code of their project soon - I think it was called Openwack back then. But then the release was postponed again and again.

    In the meantime I had found Elgg, started my site and am very happy with it.

    A friend had a group started when they began their free group hosting in beta. Lots of bugs! Still many bugs when the beta testing ended. He closed his group.

    When they finally released the Oxwall code I tried to install it locally (just tried it again today). No success. Documentation is basically not available. I don't think it's currently an alternative to Elgg. Not at all.

  • particularly I think this platform is very comfortable and secure, one of the things I like about our platform is to support the educational part, except that the community is veryactive, I think there are four popular script of elgg .

  • @iionly , yep, it is not alternative for elgg. but it has one thing .. USER INTERFACE. it looks awesome in the theme "graphite".. and the picture sliding , etc. made it more beautiful.but as i know it is much slower than elgg.. not in loading but it works slower .. 

    even though elgg has more members users and developers, the commercial  people going to Oxwall. i'm not sure about their user support.. but they have users.. we can't neglect them b'z once elgg was just like Oxwall.

    I'm not saying just end-up that social networking platform, but i appreciate them if they had their own ideas , the plugins and workings are just looks like elgg. They still have chance to come up...

    If elgg has default some best-looking theme, OxwAll CAn't beaT US. 

  • Guys ! Stop this nonsense - discussing some other inferior-like SocNet platform here on the *ELGG Community ;-P Stay focused on "Elgg" ;-oOX

  • I do agree with DhrupDeScoop. The whole mention of X has caused me to have a look at it, and maybe others too. I must say though that the standard theme with Elgg does look a little tired. It would be nice to have some basic customization tools built in for colours etc without the need for installing plugins.