User Photo Folder

Where do I find User Graphic Folder. I want to delete the adult icon graphics on certain users in network.

  • not hard to do...

    what is your elgg version (important!) ?

    at least you shouldda posted that first ;-)

    why dont you just delete those users anyways ?

  • I'm using Release - 1.7.8, Version - 2010071002

    I want to delete it because it has adult image not suitable for my Family Safe networking.

    I just want to delete some girls/guys icons that are not really nice to see.

  • Just goto the Elgg Data Folder for that User's Profile sub-folder and zap all the images inside there with something like this ->


    We learnt this trick from a 10-year kid on our site who had zapped their profile avatar with a 1X1 px image and so their avatar "looked like" it was not even there ;-P 


  • Another possibility would be to use the Login As plugin to replace the avatar with something else on site:

    Maybe it's easier that way as you don't need to find out the corresonding data subdirectory of the user account.

  • <?php
    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/engine/start.php");
    global $CONFIG;
    if (!$username = $_GET['u'])
        $username = 'admin';
    $user = get_user_by_username($username);
    if (!$user) {
        echo "unable to get the user $username";
    $time_created = date('Y/m/d', $user->time_created);
    $dir = "{$CONFIG->dataroot}$time_created/$user->guid";
    echo "<h2>UserName =><br>$username</h2>";
    echo "<h2>1.7.X Data Dir => <br>$dir</h2>";

    not quite rocket science but i think it might have been cash tha posted this code initially..

    but login-as will work just as well for the non-techie admins..