please help im new here

hey im searching for a module that the picture that have more like or the picture that have highest ratings will display in a widget and public will see it, please help i need it so bad. :)

ex. Picture1 85likes   Picture2 80likes ect..

please i need your help.

  • I imagine you are using the tidypics plugin to deal with pictures first right?

    If you are also using the elggx_fivestar plugin then you can list entities by metadata/annotations (can't remember which one the fivestar uses) in your widget.

    To learn more about how to code with elgg you can visit the developer link at the top and read the docs, or find API calls at

  • yes im using tidypics and rate by miguel, 

    elggx_fivestar is compatible with tidypics? please help me

  • elggxfivestar is compatible with everything. It has very clear guidelines on how to use it. Read the readme and have a go.