Flattr-plugin wanted


I hope, it's a right place for requesting creation of new plugin for Elgg. Otherwise move topic to the appropriate group


I think, joining to Flattr-revolution will be good and useful action for everybody. Flattr have small and well-documented JS API for main job and some other for extended usage, thus - implementing Flattr-buttons for Elgg content seems rather easy task

How flattr-plugin can work  (from user's POV)

  • Plugin implements adding buttons with API
  • User profile will get additional field "Flattr-ID", which can be definedby user
  • Each peace of content (all objects, all object types), for which owner have defined Flattr-ID, get personalised Flattr-Button inside page

That's all!

  • I would like to contribute via flattr! So Dhrup, go ahead and be the first to gain..

  • Peter M

    I'd be interested to try this PlugIn, but there seems to be no download link on that non-existent page ;-(

  • Its back having some code rewritten - I have it on my site at the moment and am redoing some aspects of the CSS,

  • @DhrupDeScoop

    Meanwhile... did you mis-type ? "conenton"

    I have some troubles with space-button on my old glorious keyb - on fast typing I can miss needed space, as you can see in my messages: "conenton" must be really content_on

    I am not 100% certain at this moment just how far I might do with the code I am working with

    If you'll finish it and it will be used here in plugin repo - you can be first person, who collects flattr-for-work

    After all if / when this FlattrME PlugIn is completed - it's gonna cost $0

    It can cost more (indirectly) - at least german monthly flattr-reports show interesting numbers for some flatters (in bucks, not clicks)


  • I did code the FlattrMe PlugIn ( in a big hurry ) because I was curious about this new fangled Flattr thingy and wanted to see how it swings. Within a few minutes of uploading the FlattrMe PlugIn - The Elgg Admins in their expansive widosm had decided that -- due to some testing code I had unintentionally left stuck in there woth my own Flattr ID hard-coded -- that the PlugIn was in "violation" of the site's terms and (1) Deleted the PlugIn, (2) Banned me for three days.

    What could have happened instead was that the Admins PMed me to say "Hey Dhrup ! You left your testing code in there, buddy !!" get rid of it and upload again".. But nooo ;-) Da Elgg "cops" got me for three days time-out ;-P LOLZ.. Who's the loser ?

    And so I have fixed the code typos, but not quite in the mood for publishing just in case they do not like my spelliing next time or choice of variable names or find another typo ! tee hee..

    What does it really take to contribute time and effort and sinceriity without being treated like a criminal ? A simple code typo and ... whammm.

    So now I hang on to FlattrMe for Elgg and if anyome wants to test-drive it - ask me politely, nicely and I might..