Flattr-plugin wanted


I hope, it's a right place for requesting creation of new plugin for Elgg. Otherwise move topic to the appropriate group


I think, joining to Flattr-revolution will be good and useful action for everybody. Flattr have small and well-documented JS API for main job and some other for extended usage, thus - implementing Flattr-buttons for Elgg content seems rather easy task

How flattr-plugin can work  (from user's POV)

  • Plugin implements adding buttons with API
  • User profile will get additional field "Flattr-ID", which can be definedby user
  • Each peace of content (all objects, all object types), for which owner have defined Flattr-ID, get personalised Flattr-Button inside page

That's all!

  • Oh, wow. Thanks for introducing us to this. Looks amazing. It would actually be great to implement it for Elgg plugin repo as well.

  • Any object inside plugin-repo must have this feature automagically,according to my last REQ

  • I have to add (for Elgg devs mostly):

    Social networks engines recently got one more stong player in the field - Drupal Commons (it has all power of original Drupal and Drupal community behind scene). And Drupal (thus - Commons too) already have Flattr-plugin and this can be one more big factor "pro Commons"

  • Ok - so I got curious and looked up the Flattr API and coded up something to play around with and now every where I go to on my XAMP say "Flattr This..! " ;-oO  Have yet to get my UID @ Flattr to see how the $$'s angle works ;) So who's buying the beers ?




  • @Alexander Leschinsky

    I am expecting some feedback from you esp ;-) Don't doze too long... If you're interested enough to see this FlattrMe PlugIn completed.. for Elgg vers 1.7.8 at the moment. v.1.8 will take a little more effort ;-oO

  • And so.. I did the Admin as well as User Settings for the ongoing tales from the FlattrMe PlugIn. This should allow the FlattrThis button for general site-wide content and also user-specific content and thefore both can be hooked into the Flattr scheme... 




  • @DhrupDeScoop

    Seems interesing. Just one question - can you somethere in conent show also original Flattr-buttons?

    • They are more visible than sidebar menu;
    • They have nice counter and itcan beadditional motivation: "A lot of people do it, I'll do also"

    And just semantical issue: maybe "Flattr This Material" will be more technically correct than "Flattr this User" (user can be flattered for every and any his conenton site independently)

  • @Alex - I will post back shortly with some variations

    Meanwhile... did you mis-type ? "conenton" ? ;-)

  • Is this what you wanted to see ?



    And - yes I have seen the other Flattr buttons - just was testing with the simplest sidebar style like the "Bookmark This", etc..

    Of course - the other locations can be done with a simple register_plugin_hook('display', 'view',... for whatever elgg view would be te most global - to allow the FlattrMe PlugIn to be the most versatile and be usable for *any content page putput by any PlugIn/ page handler/ etc..

    At the moment.. I am just playing around with this Flattr thang - When I read your initial notes on Flattr's APIs - it kinda cauhgt academic curiosity and so I wanted to see what could coded quickly to demonstrate how Flattr could be made to work inside Elgg ;-)

    I am not 100% certain at this moment just how far I might do with the code I am working with (hint, hint... if people show enough interest to egg on my momentum to encourage more effort... ;-)

    However - Flattr's concepts and whatever global interests I have read about so far in this - do convince me that Flattr's new insurge into the web-spaces on the world will become more and more popular in perhaps a short time..

    As said - how far  I go to take this initial experimental coding with Flattr... depends on feedback and interest which ( as I have noted elsewhere... ) a developer should never have to go asking for ;) After all if / when this FlattrME PlugIn is completed - it's gonna cost $0 lolz ;-oO

    Your thoughts... ?

  • THis is a really good concept. I support the notion of a plugin for Flattr.