Duplicate Installation?


Hi! I don't understand at all the Duplicating Installation doc. I want to know where and how to I copy/get the elgg codes, elgg data etc. to the "test server". For example, in that doc doesn't say that where do I get and copy exactly elgg codes, elgg data etc. to the test server. And what is the folder directory to the test server? is it htdocs in xampp? Could somebody explain how to exactly duplicate the installation?

  • 1. Backup the Elgg installation directory and the Elgg data directory and upload on the new server.

    2. Backup Elgg mysql database and restore it on the new server.

    3. Go to the table elgg_datalists and change the installation path and data root path there.

    4. Go to the table elgg_sites_entity and change the site name and url there.

    5. Go to the table elgg_matastrings and see if you find the elgg data root anywhere there. If you do, change it to the newer one.

    6. Go to /engine/settings.php and update the old database name, username and password with the newer ones.

    7. Run the upgrade script i.e. http://YOURSITE.TLD/upgrade.php