Renaming the top Menu contents



I would like to know if there is a way to rename the top menu items like Dashbaord and also items like Message Board


Is there a plugin out there that does that or where in the code do i need to make the chnages to make this work. 

  • I would think that to rename the Dashboard, you may want to look at the core language file. 

    - I believe that the Dashboard is part of Elgg Core.  The location is at: <ELGG ROOT FOLDER>/languages/en.php.  Look for the section in the file  "* Dashboard and widgets" and change the appropriate text. 

    I think that you may also be able to create a plugin by copying the Dashboard folder into the <ELGG ROOT FOLDER>/mod folder.  This will override the core Dashboard and you can make your modifications there.  The difference would be to create a language file for this plugin and change your verbage in there.  This same logic can also be applied to the Message Board plugin as well.  The MessageBoard plugin is already located in the mod folder and is not a part of Elgg Core.

    I am relatively new to Elgg (testing with Elgg 1.7.9 as well as Elgg 1.8b1) - so anyone else feel free to weigh in on my comments ...